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Doing some photo manipulation with the armour! :)
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What is this based on? Your own or is it from somewhere? I love how realistic and accurate the armour is even if it is fantasy!
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Thanks! It's not really based on anything historical as such. The armour can be placed in the early 16th century but it's a really loose assumption and I made up a lot of it. The decoration on the armour is from armour I found in a museum in Malta. 
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It actually made an impression that it was a sort of inspired by the transition from late medieval to early Renaissance. In any case, well done! Do you have any links or personal photos of that decorated specimen from Malta by any chance?
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Click on the 'Maltese Cuirass text' and it'll show you the photoI used. I think I made a tutorial about it some were in my Misc folder.

Maltese Cuirass
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Let's hope they don't get wrecked by thots
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You make my metal hard, good Sir!
This is some fine art
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Simply superb.....
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Gahhhh, I hate the pointy-curved back bit on the visor but on the other hand it doesn't ruin the armors overall functionalityyyy. Like I wouldn't wear that helmet if I was attacking a castle (damn thing could help catch boiling oil and send it streaming to my face), but it can easily be swapped for other, more appropriate helmets. Good stuff, just frustratingly good stuff.
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Thanks! Yeah, I think the top part of the visor is for a double layer of protection for the forehead. Boiling oil was very rare during sieges, and storming castles was rare too. Instead of oil, hot sand (near melting point) was used, and that could get into cloth and under armour. Sand is an easy thing to get hold of, but oil was really expensive in the day. 
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Ahah, to be sure I was talking out of my ass so I didn't even know that sand was the go to. It's a fine visor, I see a lot of it in late medieval armors
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You're welcome.
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Sallet helms!!!

Amazing work man!
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badass looking sallets
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Pretty ornamentation.
I. LOVE. SALLETS. Seriously great work I love the look of the armor.
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Thanks man :) Got some inspiration on the Armouries I went to in Malta.
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OMG!!Frozen Fever - Wow! Anna's Surprise Icon  Rob!! this is pure awesomeness!!!!!!! I have no other words xD
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haha :) thank you!!! :) 
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