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So after looking back at some comments, I realized that some of my friends on followers here on DA don't necessarily have the ability to post comments on my story, Ask Roseate Grimsbane the Witch, due to the lack of a FiMFiction account (or perhaps some other reason).

Now while you will still have to go over there to read the chapters and the story, if you don't have an account don't worry, as long as I can remember to do so I will create a journal entry here on DA so that you may ask Roseate questions and she can answer in the story.

In addition to serving as an announcement this journal will serve as the first of these new journal entries. So if you want to ask Roseate questions for chapter 4, leave a comment below. MLP Emote Lick a Lollipop Sucker Wink

Please read the previous chapters (if you haven't already) before commenting here.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you all have a good day.
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Tentacle Hug by robbieagray

Recently the third chapter of my story, Ask Roseate Grimsbane the Witch, has been released and since the next chapter will be coming out in December (Christmas/Hearth's Warming season) I have been trying to give readers/watchers the chance to ask Roseate more questions. At this point in time she has 25 questions in chapter 4, however I am hoping to reach 30+ questions.

So if you have a FiMFiction account, please head on over there and ask Roseate some interesting questions (and perhaps read the previous chapters if you haven't already). MLP Emote Lick a Lollipop Sucker Wink

Thank you very much for reading.
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Allow me to present to you a story intended to encourage the Halloween (Nightmare Night) spirit, Ask Roseate Grimsbane, the Witch.

Ask Roseate Grimsbane (Now Official Cover) by robbieagray

Note: Please note that the sex tag is for suggestive content and not clop.

In the story, Roseate Grimsbane moves to the town of Muleport with her husband, to take up a job position there as a teacher. However it would seem that ponies have been going missing and while Roseate seeks to solve the mystery she also needs to make sure that nopony finds out that she is in fact a witch. :pinkiegasp:

The story is also interactive, in that readers can ask Roseate questions through an eldritch mirror and can even influence the story through a selection of options she provides them with.

I hope you will all enjoy the story and consider reading it as more chapters are released (hopefully on a monthly basis, it kind of depends on how fast my editors/proofreaders are. :rainbowlaugh:).

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So I'm thinking of creating a new DA group, now I'm not sure if I should do it (because I'm not sure enough people would be interested) but I was thinking of either doing a Monster Mare (monster girls but with ponies) or a Mare x Monster Romance group (female ponies falling in love with monsters). Or both (somehow).

If you are interested and think it is a cool idea, please let me know by leaving a comment here in this journal. Thank you. :)
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So after looking at some of the creatures in equestria, I was suprised that some have had monster mare variants in the fandom while others don't. We gave Tatzlponies, timberwolf ponies and vampire fruit bat ponies (there might be others too but I don't remember them).

So I thought I would list some equestrian creatures and you can tell me which one you love seen made into a monster mare.

  • Fly-der
  • Quarry Eels
  • Cipactli
  • Flash Bee
  • Maulwurf

Proceed with the voting/discussion... Now!

Feel free to check out the Monster Mare group on FimFiction.

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I'm not sure if anyone is even going to reply to this considering how void and uncommented some of my previous journal entries have been but here goes.

This is a question I wanted to ask and hopefully enough people will be able to answer it in a serious manner. When it comes to the various styles that you can see an octopus pony as in a story, which do you like the most? Below there are a few designs (two have pictures) and I want you to write a comment in response to this post with the number that you like the most.

Now since I'm not a core member I can't make any polls (which in my opinion is stupid but oh well).

1.The Octopony looks like a normal pony except instead of having a mane or tail it has tentacles like this illustration.
2.The Octopony doesn't have hooves like normal ponies and instead has tentacles, like in this illustration.
3.Or one thought I had was that they are similar to Pegasi, except instead of having wings they have tentacles. Perhaps they have more then eight tentacles (tentacles for their mane and tail in addition to the wings) and are referred to as octo-pony due to them sharing a few characteristics with octopi (like the ability to camoflage, squeeze through tight spaces and perhaps even their eyes).

You may make additional comments just please keep them SFW related. I know there is a lot of you who would love to be immature and make some tentacle r*** jokes, but I wish to strongly encourage you all to act like polite adults. :ajbemused: Octo-ponies have feelings too. :fluttershysad:

By the way, I don't own any of these images. They belong to their respective artist, I am just using them as examples for this discussion. Do keep that in mind.

Thank you for reading this bizarre topic, and please remember to post the number for the design you like the most. :twilightsmile:

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So how does selling prints work? I've created a few drawings where it says I have the ability to sell prints but I don't quite know what that means.

If any of you have any insight you can provide me with on this matter, that would be greatly appreciated.
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So a few of you have probably seen my image: Trixie the Witchy Gorgony, well that image meant to be the cover art for a short story I wrote on FimFiction called: Snakes, Tricks and Treats.

Link: Snakes, Tricks and Treats

While I wrote it to expand upon my Gorgony-Verse, it was also meant to use some prompts given to me for another contest where random ponies were being paired together. For me it was Trixie and Filthy Rich, so after some hard work and some help from my friend TheDizzyDan, I was able to finish the story with a ship, that I actually think is kind of cute.

I hope you will all give it a read and tell me with you think.
So I am writing a story where Pinkie Pie invites three of the most unwanted mares to a game night party. As a result she invites: Queen Chrysalis, Mane-iac, and Euresia (my gorgony OC from my story the Sculptor, which will soon be receiving a sequel).

What starts to be a party soon becomes a game of World of Nightmares (a joking reference to the RPG game, World of Darkness), where our three mares have to cooperate and work together while Pinkie Pie GMs the game.

So what I need is an art piece that has Queen Chrysalis, Mane-iac and Euresia playing the game and perhaps looking frustrated with one another, while Pinkie Pie watches from behind a Game Master barrier.


Since Euresia is one of my OCs I will describe her for you since, it wouldn't be fair for me to force you to read my story, The Sculptor to learn her description (all though you are most certainly welcome to do so if you want).

Euresia Description:

Species: Was originally an Earth Pony but was turned into a Gorgony (gorgon pony) due to mysterious means. Gorgonies are ponies with snakes for hair and the ability to turn others into stone by making eye contact (in this universe, gorgonies have full control over this ability). 

Coat Color: Charcoal Gray.

Mane Color: Since her mane is composed of snakes, the scales of the snakes is golden.

Eye Color: Magenta, with serpentine pupils.

Tail Color: Same as the mane, only her tail is composed of snake tails.

Cutie Mark: A wooden hammer and chisel with a golden serpent intertwined between the two tools.


As a reward for your hard work I will credit you for your hard work in the stories description on FiMFiction. I am also willing to write a mlp short story for the artist. The only requirements are that it can't be a clop fic. Of course the darker the concept for the story the better (I love me some Grimdark mlp short fics).

Thank you all for reading this. I hope you have a good day. :)

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So due to the lack of activity that the Gorgony story group has been receiving and the lack of stories her on FiMFiction involving the Gorgony race I am thinking of doing a Gorgony Story Contest. The top three winners will be rewarded by me reading their short story on my channel.


1. In order to submit your story you must join the Gorgony Group and submit your story in the Gorgony Story Contest 2017 folder (because who knows, if it is any good I may try to make it an annual thing if I have the time).

2. Your story must be between 3,000 and 5,000 words long.

3. Your story must feature a gorgony, a pony like creature with snakes for hair and the ability to turn ponies and other such creatures into stone. Having the lower body be that of a snake isn't necessary but can be included if you wish. Feel free to look at the Gorgony Characteristics List in the group for ideas.

4. I will allow stories to have the sex tag so long as the sex in the story isn't explicit (or clop in other words).

5. No trollfics. These will be removed.

6. While it isn't necessary having a proofreader or editor look at your story before you submit it will increase the odds that it will win.

7. All submissions must be received by March 15th of this year. The folder will be locked on the 16th.

8. Have fun writing your story.

Also there must be eight stories from different authors by March 15th otherwise I will have to cancel the contest due to the number of stories being too low. So please write your stories, follow the rules, submit them and spread the word.


Thank you all for reading this.  I will be looking forward to seeing all your stories.

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So recently I discovered that there are very few vampire pony fic readings on youtube that aren't either romance or clopfics. Thus with the permission totallynotabrony, I am doing a reading of his story: The Adventures of Vampire Cheerilee, and chapter 1 is already available for you all to see.

I hope you all enjoy the reading. :twilightsmile:

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The vampony story I have been working on has finally arrived. The first chapter of Immortal Blood and Tears is now available on FiMFiction.

The story follows Wondering Wind, a pegasus who is tragically in love with a unicorn mare from the Crystal Empire, named Crystal Clover. One day on the way home, Wind stumbles into the subway system to discover yellow pegasus, bleeding out on the floor with a silver stake in her chest. He decides to help the mare and in the end his fate is sealed. Or is it?

In this story there will be themes based around: Vamponies, Immortality, Mind Control, Hope and Redemption... as well as some other mythical creatures that I would like to ponify and expand upon in the MLP universe.

Tags included are: Gore (because vamponies drink blood), Alternate Universe, Dark, Sad and Romance.

Characters you can expect to see: Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Discord, The Mane 6, Wondering Wind, Crystal Clover and probably a few other characters later down the line.

The objective will be to try to release a chapter exceeding 5,000 words each month, but considering that I am in college we will see how this works out.

I hope you will all enjoy the story.
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So I am working on a story that involves vamponies and I am looking for some cover art for it. If you create the cover image for this story, I will credit you for your work in the story description and if you have a pony oc (as long as it is a pony and not another creature or Alicorn) I can give them a background role or even make then a victim of a vampony attack in the story if you are interested (just let me know).

It should also be noted that the story has the following tags: Gore (because of blood and vamponies), Dark, Sad, Alternate Universe.

Here is the story summary I am working on so far:

After suffering from a terrible heartbreak, Wondering Wind finds himself in the Manehatten Subway system to discover an injured mare on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Wondering Wind attempts to help the mare and as a result his life is changed forever.

A long time ago Twilight Sparkle become an Alicorn princess, but the realization of her immortality was bittersweet. Not wanting to lose her friends, Twilight attempts to find a way to save them. However, actions of this kind always have dire consequences.

As for how I want the cover image to look like I am pretty open to ideas, however I did have one idea that you may choose to take or modify as you will. It would be Wondering Wind (a pegasus with a brown coat, tan mane and pale blue eyes) being bitten on the neck from behind by a vampiric version of Fluttershy wearing a red dress, with a black background.


Thank you for looking at this topic. I hope you will consider creating this art for me. If you are interested please send me a personal message.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

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After my earlier post on the Smiling Stallion sequel, I decided to give you an update.

I have decided to go with 2. Highway to Hell, for a couple different reasons.

1. At least one of you like it.

2. I have had a lot of ideas about the story popping around in my head.

3.:iconprismaticstars: gave me permission to use her character Silent Song, under the conditions (which I set up with her) that she will have a sneak peak, to give me feedback on how I portray her character and so I can portray her properly.

Now at some point I actually plan on making an illustration to give you all an idea of what the story will be like. What I can say is that it will involve a road trip and a nice red car. :pinkiecrazy:

Note: I like to think that cars do exist in Equestria, it is just that they are usually used to travel long distances and not every pony (like the Apples) can afford them. :derpytongue2:

As for the characters there are going to be five major "host" to the party.

1. The Smiling Stallion - after all it is his story so of course he is going to be there.

2. Sky Blazer - The Smiling Stallion's assistant, who follows him everywhere.

3. Robipony - I know some of you guys don't like having Robipony in the first story, however there are some very important reasons the Smiling Stallion and Robipony hang out together from time to time.

4. Pinkamena - May or may not be the same Pinkamena (Pinkie Pie) as the one in my story, Laughter in the Night (or maybe its the Pinkamena from this: image). Either way she is hanging out with Robipony.

5. Silent Song - Due to the low budget Robipony wasn't able to invite Morgan Freemane on the trip, so Robipony decided to invite Silent Song on the trip.


Well, that is it for now. I hope you all enjoy the update and I hope you all enjoy the [Flame] chapter now that it is out.

I am going on a vacation this weekend and I am planning on working on the next chapter, while I travel.

I hope you all have a good day. :twilightsmile:

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So I have some great news! The [Flame] Chapter for the Smiling Stallion will be coming to FiMFiction on July 13th. With that done there are only two more chapters I need to write/rewrite for the story, other then that the other chapters have either already been written and just need to be edited/proofread, but as we all know just putting the story down on paper is half the battle, and the more difficult half at that.

Thus, I decided I would like to discuss a few ideas I had for the sequel, so feel free to offer some feedback.

1) Call In

The idea is that the Smiling Stallion 2 would be bigger in scale/cast. However, due to a bad budget the show is nearly cancelled only then for Robipony (my OC) to start a call center where other FiMFiction/DeviantArt users could "donate" (really all they would actually be doing is hitting the Thumbs Up button and then posting a comment with their name and the amount of bits they are "donating") bits to keep the show going.

2) Highway to Hell

The Smiling Stallion and a few other characters hit the road and take the horror across Equestria just for the fun of it while avoiding the ESCP (Equestrian Supernatural Containment Program). For some reason I also want to drag :iconprismaticstars:'s OC Silent Song along for the ride, but of course I would have to get permission first.

3) Revenge

A character from the first Smiling Stallion story is killed by the ESCP and as a result the Smiling Stallion decides to enlist the help of the Queen Chrysalis's daughter (at this time Queen Chrysalis would have failed the whole marriage thing and have been captured by the ESCP) in order to get revenge.

4) Board Games

The Smiling Stallion gather around and play a few board games with the twist being that the results of the game(s) affect actual ponies in a horrifying scenario. One idea being a game similar to Dread.

5) Maybe a Combination

Nobody said I couldn't try a combination of the above.


So yeah, just a few ideas there. I look forward to all your feedback. :pinkiesmile:

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So for those of you who are wanting an update on what I have been doing I have a couple of videos for you. Basically I have been reading a web comic called: Ask Chase the Pony, by :icondidunasty850:. It is a really good comic with currently four chapters (chapters 0,1,2, and 3), with chapter 4 being a work in progress that I am looking forward to reading.

Chapter 0:

Chapter 1:

I hope you all enjoy the readings.


Another thing I wanted to show off was this image that :iconglitchdove: made of my OC.
Shockingly Adorable by Glitchdove
Isn't that cool or what! :D

AgentesinRebus is the creator of the web-comic Apocalyponies, which is another web-comic I would like to try to do a reading of in the future, with his/her permission of course (sorry AgentesinRebus I don't know your gender and I didn't want to insult you. :( ).


Well, that is all for now. I hope you all enjoy the readings and I hope you all have a good day. :D
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Apparently I was tagged by: DarkBloodsFlame

---Rules--- (sigh...)
1. Post these rules (do I really have too?)
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters (I suppose I can do this but honestly you can do whatever you want. I don't care).

Facts about Robipony (or are they) Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon 

Robipony: "Really? You want to know more about me? I assure you there isn't anything special about me."

1. He appears to be an Earth pony with a gray coat, red eyes, a brown and green mane, and a lab coat that covers his Cutie Mark (at this point in time no pony has been able to confirm what his Cutie Mark is).

While there are verbal reports of Robipony being around there was no documentation of his existence until after the Crystal Empire was rediscovered.
2. According to the Equestrian Supernatural Containment Program (ESCP), Robipony has the bizarre ability to tear a hole within the Fourth Veil (referred to by some as the 4th wall) and "shift" between dimension. However, his ability to control this is uncertain as he has been reported to shift at will, while other occasions have shown him shifting in mid-sentence. Also see 5. for further information.

At the time of this documentation there has been no successful means of containing Robipony.
3. The origin of Robipony's name is uncertain. Some ESCP scientist believe that it may be a reference to the Robi Nebula, but that could just be a wild guess. However, it has been confirmed that Robipony is not his original name but an alias. At the time of this documentation his true identity has yet to be discovered.
4. All attempts by the ESCP to capture Robipony have been unsuccessful. Prior to the discovery of Robipony's ability to "shift", various authorities had believed that there was a spy within ESCP ranks leaking ESCP missions data.
5. Husks. Husks are what happens when Robipony shifts into another dimension/location only to materialize inside a solid object. Such events result in Robipony's death usually killing him within fifteen minutes of materialization. Within twenty four hours an new Robipony will appear elsewhere. How this happens is unknown, but it is believed that it may have a connection to some words an ESCP agent had recorded of a Robipony husk.

Agent: "Who are you?"
Robipony: "..."
Agent: "By Celestia talk to me!"
Robipony: "It..."
Agent: "Speak up!"
Robipony: "It... It won't let me..."
Agent: "How do you teleport?"
Robipony: "Die..."

The husks vitals stopped there.

According to this information the ESCP can deduce that Robipony isn't in 100% control of his shifting abilities. Autopsies of the husks shows no genetic abnormalities and therefore no clues as to how Robipony can shift.

So far eleven husks have been discovered. One in Canterlot, three in Manehatten, one in the ruins of the old castle in the Everfree Forest, one in mountains near Griffinstone, and five found within various locations around the Crystal Empire.
6. Due to both of them being able to manipulate the fourth veil Robipony has shown some fascination with the mare known as Pinkie Pie. It is believed that Robipony might also be attracted to other ponies sharing similar abilities, but at the time of this documentation such ponies have yet to be identified.
7. The ESCP believes that Robipony's sanity might be questionable. There have been occasions where Robipony seems to be somber and even upset around corpses, while on other occasions he will seemingly ignore their presence (even in rooms covered in corpses). Further more it has been shown that Robipony can turn hostile when agitated, as seen in the footage below.

Two stallions in SWAT uniforms with the ESCP logo have cornered Robipony in an abandoned warehouse. Twice Robipony tells the ESCP soldiers to leave but they refuse. As one of the ESCP soldiers calls in for support, Robipony breaks into maniacal laughter and kicks one of the soldier's in the head.

Caught off guard the soldier with the radio turns and prepares to open fire on Robipony, only for the Robipony to pull a scapel out of labcoat and throw it at the soldier's neck. With the two ESCP agents incapacitated Robipony leaves the warehouse. The footage ends there.

It seems that out of the two soldiers the only one to survive the encounter, but unfortunately the kick to his helmet was strong enough to break his neck. Due to being paralyzed from the neck down, the ESCP forcefully retired the agent.

However, such encounters as this seem to be rare as 99% of the time Robipony is discovered he has been noted to shift away. Furthermore, it seems that despite these strange moments of insanity, Robipony is able to blend in and interact with normal ponies safely. In fact most of the time Robipony seems to interact peacefully with most ponies.

Thus as a result Robipony has been rated a #2 priority (may cause slit threat), when compared to other beings such as the Smiling Stallion and Discord, both of which have been rated as #4 priority (Unpredictably Dangerous - could cause end of the world scenarios).
8. Our psychologists believe that while Robipony puts on a brave and confident face, that this is just a means of covering up his true emotions. That Robipony might have a low self image and perhaps view himself as failure. However, such reasons why he would do this is unknown.

Tagging people... yay?

Honestly whither you want to do this or not is up to you. It won't hurt my feelings if you decide not to.

Thank you all for reading. Honestly I hope I was able to flesh out my character for you guys without making him seem too cliched (however, I think I may have failed at this).

Still, I hope you all have a good day. :bademoticon: 
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While it took longer then I had hoped my reading of my story Abandoned by Pinkie is finally here.

It includes artwork done by myself as well as some illustrations by:
Sadatrix (

Mature Content

[Contest-ish] Abandoned by Pinkie by Sadatrix
YukiTheNightGuard ( Don't Leave Abandoned by Pinkie by YukiTheNightGuard)

Hopefully in the future more people will be willing to submit art when such an event comes around.

I hope you all enjoy the reading. MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
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While the goal to reach 12 members for the Platonic Tentacle group was not achieved I have decided to give you all some information on the new story I am working on called: The Mother of Monsters.

One thing I must say is that I have to redact my previous statement that this story takes place in the same world as: The Smiling Stallion, Abandoned by Pinkie, and the Apple Left Behind series. This story will be taking place in its own universe.

First lets talk about some of the inspirations for the story. The inspirations are: Evolve, Bloodborne, Undertale, Beast the Primodial (nWoD), and some Greek Mythology.

I guess I can give you a few characters and their descriptions:


This little colt is the son of Scootaloo who is now trying to find his mother who disappeared sometime before the story begins. He doesn't have his Cutie Mark yet and just like his mother Scooter isn't great when it comes to flying. Scooter wears an eye-patch over his right eye which was damaged around the time his mother disappeared. Scooter's search is the main plot of the story.


Also known by the creatures under her care as the Mother of Monsters Fluttershy does whatever she can to protect these creatures from ponies who would be more then happy to see all monsters driven to extinction.


While not seen in the actual story his handwork can be seen. Can't say much more out of fear of giving spoilers. :yay:

Shady Daze

Note: This isn't an OC but rather a unique take on a colt who is a background pony in the actual show.

Shady Daze serves under Fluttershy and tries to protect monsters from the outside world. He doesn't like to babysit.

Also one of my OCs Kind Heart will be showing up in the story. If you want to know about him follow this link: Here.


That is really all the information I can give away at this time. I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope you all have a good day. :twilightsmile: