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This is the first of a series of colourisations that I am planning to do on British youth subculture since 1950, in no particular order

A skinhead is a member of a subculture which originated among working class youths in London, England, in the 1960s and soon spread to other parts of the United Kingdom, with a second working class skinhead movement emerging worldwide in the late 1970s

The rise to prominence of skinheads came in two waves, with the first wave taking place in the late 1960s. The first skinheads were working class youths motivated by an expression of alternative values and working class pride, rejecting both the austerity and conservatism of the 1950s-early 1960s and the more middle class or bourgeois hippie movement and peace and love ethos of the mid to late 1960s. Skinheads were instead drawn towards more working class outsider subcultures, incorporating elements of early working class mod fashion and Jamaican music and fashion, especially from Jamaican rude boys.

In the earlier stages of the movement, a considerable overlap existed between early skinhead subculture, mod subculture, and the rude boy subculture found among Jamaican British and Jamaican immigrant youth, as these three groups interacted and fraternized with each other within the same working class and poor neighbourhoods in Britain

The late 1970s and early 1980s saw a revival of the skinhead subculture, and increasing interaction between its adherents and the new punk movement. Oi!, a street-level working class offshoot of punk rock, became a vital component of skinhead culture while the Jamaican genres beloved by first generation skinheads were filtered through punk and new wave in a style known as 2 Tone. With these twin musical movements, the skinhead subculture diversified and contemporary skinhead fashions ranged from clean-cut 1960s mod- and rude boy-influenced styles to less-strict punk-influenced styles

During the early 1980s, political affiliations grew in significance and split the subculture, distancing the far right and left wing strands, although many skins described themselves as apolitical. As a pro-working class movement that was initially highly regionalised and excluded by society's moral norms, skinhead culture attracted those with nationalist beliefs, including violently racist or neo-Nazi fringe elements. In Great Britain, the skinhead subculture became associated in the public eye with membership of groups such as the National Front and British Movement. By the 1990s, neo-Nazi skinhead movements existed across all of Europe and North America, but were counterbalanced by the presence of groups such as Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice which sprung up in response. To this day, the skinhead subculture reflects a broad spectrum of political beliefs, even as many continue to embrace it as a largely apolitical working class movement.

Reference:… (photography, Nick knight)… - These people don't seem to be particularly right wing :)

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This photo so IMMEDIATELY caught my eye and interest. It's rawness, genuine energy,... love it. Thank you, for the photo, AND the additional storywork you're doing related to it.

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Awww thank you, i am glad you liked it ))

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Here I am, as always a bit late in the last themes, but as they say, better late than never!

I've been waiting with great curiosity for the inauguration of this series since you told me you wanted to do it, and I must say that you really started with a bang! Both the image and the theme you have chosen are interesting and controversial, also because I believe that most people (myself included) have a very limited knowledge of skinhead culture, almost always related to political aspects. So here, once again I have to thank you for the breading of information that you have included in the legend, which allowed me to learn something really interesting.

Moving on to the photo, the expression of the subject is priceless and I think it expresses very well the rebellious and nonconformist soul of the movement, especially if you observe the subtle contrast between the policeman in his impeccable uniform and the skinhead with tattoos and clothes in disorder. Really very expressive! I really like the mix of cool colors you have chosen, superimposed on the checkered pink shirt. I find they stand out very well against the cream background of the bus!

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Thanks you so much for your comment :))) I think it is really well put. Skinheads generally have such a negative reputation so I wanted to put a balanced view so I hope i have done that. The gentleman below gave me a really good compliment in his comment which i was really pleased about because, as it seems, he was either around at the time or has a very good knowledge of it. I thought that this photo might be a little negative to them at first but, as ok as it was, the movement was from a working class, rebellious movement so they did have attitude :D

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You know, that bus reminds me of that big search we did of that Bus Station in Marion, Ohio! Good Times!

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Ha Ha !!! I said to Kali, it doesn't look much fun going out on a day trip on that!!! :D Perhaps I did the colours a little 'muted'? :D

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Mmmm ... wonder what he is doing today!!! You’ve made a great job of this . ✨💕✨
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I wonder indeed Iris :D!! Probably keeping an eye on his Grandkid's and telling them to behave while moaning about how Boris is handling the lockdown but grateful he has paid his mortgage off (keeping his hair long or wearing a wig to hide his tattoo ) :D and thank you btw :hug:

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WOW! :D Such an unusual choice of photos and unusually colored! A photo in such cold shades gives it a harsh character, but the colors are vibrant - and it's a rebellious character. It is also interesting that the guy stands out with brighter colors, and the rest in duller colors. You made a very characteristic photo, very correct and cool!!! :clap: :clap:

The guy has some symbols on his hand, you don't know what it is, maybe some kind of inscription? :)

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Thank you Kali as always :))) I always love your feedback xx The colours weren't by design, they just kinda came out that way, if that makes sense :D Looking at it now, perhaps the coach could have been a little brighter, I mean it doesn't really inspire you for a day trip does it?? Even if you are a skinhead :D

To be fair, I don't think this photo really does skinheads justice. It's quite an aggresive one and, in the comments, I have tried my best to give a balanced account of the movement and it's not what most people associate with Skins

As for the tattoos. The one on his head says 'Made in London'. I think that's if he gets lost, they can point him the right way home (quickly :)) ). The one on his hand, I have no idea what it means, it seems to say something like DICC or DICO but there is a guy who has left a wonderful comment below who seems to have a lot of knowledge of the times so I will ask him. Watch this space :))

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It will be interesting to know about tattoos! :))) your description is wonderful, it seems to me that you conveyed everything very correctly to the readers!

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I am determined to get to the bottom of the tattoo on his hand now!! I have asked the guy, who seems to have a lot more knowledge than me about the movement so we will see what he gets back with. This is the first of a few that I am planning so 'scallies' is to follow soon :D

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We HAVE to know what is written on his hand now!!:D

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Cool!!! What's this? :)))

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I have opened up the original file and zoomed in. I am almost certain is say DFCD? I have no idea what it means and, so far, on the internet, have drawn a blank :)

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This is a great photograph of Paramountcunt99! paramount99 You can see the hate in his eyes!

That's one of the best summaries of it I've seen in a long time. Few people now remember that there used to be Afro-Caribbean skins amongst the originals. I would say 1972 was when such racial harmony as there had been, (which was by no means universal), started to disappear, by which time most "skinheads" had been "suedeheads" for a while & yet others had long hair. This was also the time the whole movement fell out of fashion.

When something like it returned on the back of punk in the late 70's, Neo-Nazis seemed to be prevalent & this is the aspect that caught on around the world.

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Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate that. I basically read up on the movement and tried to give a balanced view. You seem to have a greater knowledge then me to be fair, and I found what you said really interesting. If you have first hand experience (I hope I am not being presumptuous here), it makes your comments even better for me :)) One question though? Do you know what the tattoo on his hand says and what it means?

It says, "Made in London." That's where it all started, in the mid-60s as an offshoot of the Mods, from the type known as a "Hard Mod."

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Thank you for answering :) The 'made in London' is on his head though isn't it? I wanted to know what it said on his hand, something like DFCD or DFOD something?

I think it says "DICO." That's a guess but I think it's his nickname, eg if his first name was Richard, or his surname was Dixon.

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Could be, that's as good as anything I could come up with :))

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Oi ! Oi ! Oi !

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