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Distrudo from Married With Sea Monsters. Based on the Acid Western Comic FRANKIE GET YOUR GUN by Robbi Rodriguez. This project has been in work for a year now and lots work went in to this from Married with Sea Monsters to this baby. For a taste of there work you can find their 1st EP Called "ZP" on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Spotify.

Now taking Pre orders on The limited edition (300) FGYG 12in Vinyl.
Add a 12x12 commission for 75.00 My normal rate is 70 so you'll get the 12 in for 5 bucks. This will be the only way to get a commission from me outside of ECCC,Heroes Con, CincI ComiCon.

Previews here:…

Track listing

This is the only way to get a commission from me this year not at a con:

Please Help spread the word if you really want to support the Indie, DIY movement in Comics. I have No backers,  No Publishers, No Company behind me. Just me as a Mom and Pops trying to something I feel is worth while.
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Its that time of year again when the Hoodie comes out and I head back to the NYC
for the New York Comic Con.

I will setting up base at this years show in Artist Alley table Y4.

below is a peek at the goods I will have one hand.

Frankie Get Your Gun books One and Two
Polly and the Pirates Vol 2
And Debuting this year,
The Frankie get your gun tote bag.
Free with every Purchase while supplies last.
I will be sketching at the show with prices starting
at $40 below are some examples.
Come by, say hello.

More Info can be found here:…
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Just a heads up will be TheComicBug in Manhattan Beach, CA for FCBD. My (fingers crossed) last LA appearance. All the details can be found here:…

Free sketching, FGYG books on hand.
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A new printing of FGYG Issue 1 and the new FGYG issue 2.  You can Pre-Order the book at : the Frankie shop (…)

52 pages
8.5 x 11 color cover
loads of bonus material.

Pre ordering goes along way in helping paying for the printing cost.

If You can also get a 11 x14 inked head sketch for a extra $20.00
If you take that option, I will email you on what you would like when the order is ready to go out.
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Frankie get your gun, the webcomic I've trying to get off the ground for the last two years is now live.

Please vist every monday a new comic.

It's been a long road to get here and it is just the start. I hope you support the new Indie spirit that has ready to bubble over. No middle men here, you're support goes directly to the creator of this content. It's value for value here. No Ad support.

You the reader are in control. Much like bands have shown in the past few years, the best way to continue their craft is not threw a label, but to the creator themselves.   In the coming months more way for you to support FGYG will be revealed.

You can view a trailer for the book here(where?):
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NYCC You ca find my this weekend riding shotgun with nathan fox at booth 3147
next to the rest of the cadence comics art crew. I have the last 50 of the original printing of Frankie get your gun. (all numbered), sketchbook, stickers and prints.

Cadence will also have some of my "on real paper work" this weekend. (rear items these days)

I will also take a hand full of con sketch ( first come first served.)

Booth number 3147
Hope to see you guys there.

Also this week, i have the release of my first work with vertigo comics as part of The Unexpected anthology. I work on a script by G. Willow Wilson (AIR) and it was a pleasure to be to do so. preview at the bottom. Please pick it up if you have a chance. later gators
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Hey kids.
Too busy for a long post, here are the bullet points.

* Im going mainstream for a bit.
A short for the unexpected from vertigo out in October,

New Mutants #32

and coming soon X-force #19

* this has delayed Frankie get your gun a bit. Look for a launch in october/ november.

* I will be at New York comic con this year at Booth #3147. I am taking pre order commissions. I Have 10 slots left.


pre list order closed. I will be doing some more at the show.

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I will have some FGYG #1s with me as well as free Free Frankie stickers as well as Polly 2 stickers (while supplies last). If you ever wanted to get your Maintenance( or grab one at the show) signed, This maybe the rare and maybe last time to do so.

Click here to view stickers:…

At the ONI PRESS BOOTH (1833)
Thursday: 11:00 – 11:45
06:00 -6:45

Friday: 2:00-2:45

Saturday: 1:00-1:45

Sunday: 10:00-10:45
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Also my Kayross short for 4 star studio's Double feature is out now.

Please go out and pick it up. Itunes link HERE:…
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JUne 3-5th I'll will be making my return to Charlotte, NC to With Copies of Frankie, get your gun, Prints, and sketching all weekend In Indie Island or at the Bo jangles in the building.  Please Come by and say hi!


The first two Frankie, get your gun Promos are up on Youtube right now…

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Number one:
Get the 1st month of Frankie get your gun before the launch in August. Also get 15% off till Mondey w/ code CHECK355

I'll be at the Comic Bud in Manhattan Beach ,CA on May 7th I'll be sketch and have Copies of FGYG with me.

Someguy named Mike Mignola will be there too.

From Noon to 7pm

The store is located here:
1807 1/2 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 372-6704

Number 3:

I will be making my return to HEROES CON In Charlotte, NC June 3 - 5, 2011
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Frankie #1 is almost in the books.

Trying to raise some funds for a printing for Frankie, get your gun issue 1 so Im taking commission request now. If your going to be at Heroes Con this June then you can pre order a sketch for pick up at the show You can order below:

Sketch/ commissions are 40 bucks plus free shipping if you live in the U.S.

You can help and order…

And I will also attend the Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this June. Its just a couple a months away but I cant wait for the show.
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anna hear whats it like when I talk back to podcasts? Geekspeak radio. I talk movie deals, new Maintenance comics. Polly 2, and Frankie:

click here for the show.
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The News is out kids. Dream works animation has taken the rights to Oni Press's Maintenance.

Read the story here:…

Get caught up on the Comic Here:…
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Well, hello there! I'm going to be at the Long Beach Comic Con( from Oct. 29th - 31st. I'm sharing table #1212 (Though its listed on the site as 2002) with the amazingly talented Tyler Crook !

I'll have The Frankie get you gun and Polly prints for sale and also the prints art fire sale ( most pages are between $ 10 − 25 bucks or we can cut a deal) and I will also be doing sketch as well.

So if your going to the show and would like one from me and want to avoid the wait. Just head over to me blog ( and order one for pick up at the show.

But please if your coming down please stop by and say hi
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Just wanted to give a heads up on some upcoming dates I plane trough out the month of ROCKtober.

October 8th, I will be at The New York comic con. I dont have a table but I should have a signing or two At the Oni Press Booth and maybe the  Archaia ComicsBooth were MOON LAKE, An Horror anthology which I have an 18 page story in , will be release.  or You can find me smoking in front of the building.

Oni Press Signing:

2:00 – 2:45

Saturday Double shot
11:15 – 12:00


2:15 – 3:00

Sund sunday sunday

2:30 – 3:15

And Final I Will be set At the LONG BEACH COMIC CON Halloween weekend along side uber talented cartoonist Tyler Crook.

I will have Prints , books and doing sketches.

I also got a time waster,called the PS3. If you want You can find me on the PSN at robbi_rodriguez

Also If you Order a Commission from me , they will be shipped out this week.
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Im open for commission for the moment. You can place in the order in the right hand corner of my blog:
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Hey Kids, Here's my dance card for SDCC 2010 please come by and say Hi. I'll have the Polly (99 of 100 left) and Frankie(49 of 50 left) Prints on hand and will be doing some sketching as well.

You can get a commission here and pick it up at my Signing Times:

$25.00 bucks each

Order here:…

Thurs:2:30-3:50 PM ONI PRESS BOOTH #1833

Thursday, July 22, 6-7 p.m., Room 9
Archaia: BLACK LABEL — The new Archaia Black Label specializes in co-developing intellectual properties with prestigious partners who are seeking to realize their ideas through the use of Archaia's resources. Join us as we show exclusive preview images and discuss the first of the Archaia Black Label titles, including: Days Missing: Kestus with Roddenberry Productions' Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth, writer Phil Hester (Days Missing) and artist David Marquez (Syndrome); Moon Lake with creator Dan Fogler ("Fanboys," "Balls of Fury"), writer R.H. Stavis (Demons of Mercy) and artist Robbi Rodriguez (Hazed); and Syndrome with Fantasy Prone's Blake Leibel (United Free Worlds), writers Daniel Quantz (Marvel Age: Spider-Man) and R.J. Ryan (Marvel Studios), and artist David Marquez.

Fri  1:00 - 2:20  ONI PRESS BOOTH #1833

Sat 11:30 - 12:50ONI PRESS BOOTH #1833

Sun  2:30 - 3:50 ONI PRESS BOOTH #1833

Again please Come by and say Hi and get a Print.

I'll also be at the Archaia Booth #2635 2639 2734 2736 with a preview of my contribution to the Horroradey "Moon Lake" written by Tim Seeley and also doing some sketching and what not.
11:00 −1:30pm


10:30-12:00 pm

1:30-3:00 pm
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Hey kids,
I just wanted to let you that I am now open for another round of commissions. I.E MAIL ORDER.

I will also be at the San Diego comic con This year and i'm taking Pre Orders on sketches.( you pick them up at the show.) or I can just mail out to you as usual before the show.

Ordering Info can be found here:…

I will also have limited prints for POLLY (only 100)…


Frankie (only 50)…

If you are interested and will not be at the show I am taking orders right now and will set them aside and ship them out signed before the show.

Paypal 10.00 for prints to (please include address)

I will be camping out at the Oni booth

I will also be at Archaia Entertainment Panel, Thursday, July 22 from 6-7 p.m. I will post the room number when that becomes available.

If you are interested and will not be at the show I am taking orders right now and will set them aside and ship them out signed before the show.

Also Please don't for get:

I gotten demands for a print version of sketchbook I've put up a Print on demand version from LuLU. No mark up. Your just paying for the printing. Enjoy.

You can order…
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Since I cant afford to put out a sketchbook this year Ive decided to put out a digital version:


ince there's no new Heroes Con for me this year and I got a demand for a print version of sketchbook I've put up a Print on demand version from LuLU. figured why should I start making a dime off my work at this point, so this no mark up. Your just paying for the printing.

You can order here:…
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