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Lightsaber collection II

By Robbe25
New lightsabers, everyone! Now with descriptions!! Be sure to read them :-).

From up to down:

1) Master Jarra's lightsaber

When he became a Jedi Master, Kol Jarra built a new lightsaber (as was custom in the old Jedi Order). Since he was a liaison to the Old Republic's diplomatic service, he built a flashy saber for all possible diplomatic and other occasions.

2) Darth Ankedoo's lightsaber

No story for this one. I just wanted to make something sinister looking.

3) Lightsaber of Empress Marasiah II

After her accession to the Imperial throne, Empress Marasiah II built herself a second lightsaber as a symbol of her authority. The hilt was forged from silver and electrum and is cover with electrum-gilded engravings. Two krayt dragon pearls (a white and a red one) form the activators. A third pearl (a rare black one) is placed as hilt decoration. The blade is silver like the blades of the Imperial Knights' sabers since the Empress herself was an Imperial Knights before succeeding her father.

4) Lightsaber of Kuram Daakos, the crazy Padawan

This weird lightsaber is the weapon of Kuram Daakos.

He liked nothing so much as to swirl his saber around all the time. He went so far as to incorporate swirling into every fighting style he learned. To facilitate his fighting style he built a saber with a circle as hilt.

In combat he usually put his hand through the hole in the grip and used the force to control the swirl of his saber (so that it wouldn't fall of his arm due to centrifugal forces). His fighting technique as well as his unique saber were just some of his eccentricities... no wonder most of the Jedi thought he was crazy!

Surprisingly though,he was a very deadly opponent.

5) Joqua Tu's gunsaber

Josha Tu was once a Jedi, but she was banished from the Jedi Temple. Out in the galaxy, she quickly became a renowned bounty hunter. What most people remembered of her was her unique lightsaber.

In it's construction she included a blaster pistol, because she didn't despise blasters - unlike most of the other Jedi - and knew how to use them to her advantage.

6) Allana Djo's lightsaber

Allana Djo made her lightsaber from a Rancor tooth to honour her mother, Tenel Ka Djo.

7) Protosaber

Archaic lightsabers — commonly referred to as protosabers — were the first known design of lightsaber. Like later lightsabers, their focusing crystal was set inside a hilt from which a blade of energy was emitted. The main difference between protosabers and later lightsabers was that the hilt was connected via cable to an external power pack due to limitations in power pack technology. (Taken from Wookiepedia)

Since this one looks way too modern, I've decided that it is a modern protosaber remake.

8) Lightsaber of Xho Ran, Dark Lord of the Sith

Ran was a member of the Brotherhood of Darkness. The most noteworthy detail of his saber the crossguard consisting of two smaller lightsaber blades. It didn't do him any good though, since he participated in the thought bomb ritual and perished when it went off.

Credit to StrIntFire for the blades, to BulletSmith for the decoration (on #8) and to {ABA}Worlock for the engravings (on #3) . Done in PMG. Grouping errors were corrected in Paint.
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Daniel-McKnight's avatar
Taking away the wire and the battery pack from the protosaber makes it look great as a stand alone hilt.
MatHav-13's avatar
The bottom one looks awsome
Robbe25's avatar
Kurram's lightsaber reminds me of that new sith 's dual sided spinning lightsaber from the new disney rebels show.
Robbe25's avatar
You're right, it does share some superficial design cues :)
Has anyone ever made a throwing lightsaber?
Colourbrand's avatar
Weird - the last one is now in the new trailer - and this was done in 2010...
Robbe25's avatar
Haha... Call me prophet.. or Jedi master :D

Lightsabers with crossguard were part of the Expanded Universe, and I don't understand for the life of me WHY people are making such a fuss over the saber in the teaser...
dwarfpriest's avatar
Because these people don't know about the EU, of course, freaking out about something they don't know squat about.
In other news, these look really cool.
Colourbrand's avatar

Well sir I dunno - but its nice to see you again my friend :D
Way to go. They must have seen ur concept. Mindblown ( O _ O)
ShinCT's avatar

It would appear someone's dream came true!…
Robbe25's avatar
Lol, saw that as well... and I love it :D
ThePhoenixKing32's avatar
I typed in crazy lightsber and I think I hit the jack pot!
Robbe25's avatar
Haha... I'll take this as a compliment ;)
ThePhoenixKing32's avatar
You should. This earns the Kings approval!
palegrim's avatar
second one for me
orcbruto's avatar
Wow! Cool sabers!
But I thought Rancor had bigger teeth =D
Robbe25's avatar
Hm... the reference pic I had of Tenel Ka's saber was about this size.. I think ;-).
SkipperLee's avatar
My fave - the 2nd sabre!
Robbe25's avatar
I like it too (otherwise I wouldn't have included it in the collection :-D), but my favourite (and so far best) saber is still the third :-).
PRL-412's avatar
Espectacular work. Amazing.
Robbe25's avatar
Thank you very much.
PRL-412's avatar
Your welcome, your work deserves it.
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