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I don't know when it happened, but I know that I have lost my mind somewhere. Could be at work, in one of my class at HCC, or at one the many bars that I got drunk in ... or it could be on the street for all I know.

Latly I have been stress to my breaking point. I sholud be thankful that even have a job (even its a shitty one), Given the lack of jobs in the US, but the shit is getting old. Everyone (mostly) is getting on my ass for every little thing. And there too much back stabing going on there.

Then I barly have time for school let alone to study thanks to work, I just hope that I get a B or a C.

Some please tell to suck it up and stop my bitchin.
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Well I was out trying to take some pics, for a new set of "The Three". And when I went to set the timer on the camera, nothing happening. I thought it might be the batteries, so I went to a CVS near by and changed them out, but still nothing.

Two days later, I took my camera to a "camera repair shop". The guy walks out looks at it and says that he doesn't work on Vivitar XC-3. So that was a waste of time. So I figure I could take it apart and see if I could fix, I mean I got the camera for $40 and if no one will work on it for cheap, what did I have to lose. But I can't even take it apart, the screws are too tight.

And the worst part is that I want a old SLR but I don't think I could get one for a good price, or if I can even find one.

I know that the old SLR are a waste of money with film and all, but I love the old school.
Well I'm going to Tulsa, Oklahoma for about a week or so, for 4th of July. I don't know how its going to be, but I hope that I get some good shots while I'm there.
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Well this is my first journal, so I wanted to use it to talk about me a little. Just for anyone who want to get to know me. Well on my profile I'm 23, I live in Tampa Florida and all that good stuff. Well now I'm trying to finish up getting my A.A. in Architectural Design at Hillsborough Community College, I haven't really thought of where to go after that (but don't tell my parents). You already know that I do photography, I have been trying to get back into painting again, I haven't done anything since I left high school, I might show them later.
I still with my mom, let just say that I made some shitty choices after high school, but I'm still getting on my feet. My dad lives in Tulsa Oklahoma putting planes together. My mom work for an eye doctor. I have a brother and sister, but I don't know my sister is and I don't like my brother.
I listen to some rap and rock (but not most emo and soft rock). I like to play any video game really, just as long as it can take my mind off thing for a while. I know a whole lot of amine, but I watch what on T.V. (which isn't a lot). I love movies, back when I worked at a movie theater, I would watch every movie there, and my home collection is small but there are a lot of good movies. I don't really read too much, but I try to when I can some of the time (a loss on my part). But I think the one thing that I like to do is to just kill time, I just like to spend time in an open field and look up at the sky, and maybe have a picnic, and just let time slip away. But if I have the chance to go out and have a good time, I'm not going to past it up.

I think I should stop here for now. Maybe I might write more about myself later.