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Guild Wars 2 for foobar2000



Brand new skin inspired by Guild Wars 2 interface. Something that was on my mind since i recently got back to game after few months break. Skin made on v. 1.2.9 but should work on 1.2+ aswell. I recommend using same windows ratio as the main cover frame. If requested i can make horizontal frame aswell. Hope u like it.

Update 23.02.2014
Should work on v1.3.1 now
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Hey, this looks pretty good. I'm not really into MMOs but a friend of mine plays it. I do love the art of the game though.

Have you ever thought of making a version of the skin that doesn't have the outer window (meaning, the min,max, close and drag functions are on the skin itself) and consists of only the red and black parts, as in, without the background (the cover)?

Either way, it looks awesome. I like the grunge style of the game's menus.