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Cryamore Picked Up By Atlus, Books, Stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 17, 2015, 6:25 PM

    I haven't logged into dA to check on things in so long...

tumblr inline nur4keIbzD1qcpwy0 500 by Robaato

Hello, everyone! By now you may have heard that Cryamore is going to be published by ATLUS! We've been in connection with them for the past year now but now it's publicly official. They have been an absolute blast to work with so far and we look forward to wrapping the game up and releasing it Summer 2016. You can check out that link for more info on it all.

So that's what has been keeping me kinda missing-in-action to only pop in every once in a while everywhere. I tend to be on Twitter a lot as it's easiest to just keep up with stuff there.

I've been told the final batch of books are being sent out so anyone who was in that list who has yet to receive their book should be getting it relatively soon! I hope you guys enjoy the book!

Uhm, I moved to a new place. It's pretty chill! I'm still in the outskirts of Chicago. Wife and I are thinking of relocating to a new area once the game is complete, though we don't know exactly where at the moment. Kinda looking for a change of scenery. We'll see!

My patreon has dried considerably because of the above reason, but once things slow back down a bit with the game so I can art for myself a lot more, I will definitely get back into it. I want to host weekly streams again. I miss doing that stuff.

In any case, I gotta get back to work but I will lurk around here from time to time!


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In Light of Recent Events...

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2015, 7:28 AM

People have been coming to me asking me for my thoughts on this, so I'll just say it here:

I can't help but feel a bit concerned for the current art community at large.

There has been a recent case of an artist that even I admire rather greatly known to be referencing and copying imagery directly without citing the source, and then using the output work for profit.

I'm not going to take any sides on any of the matter. I personally feel the proper steps are being taken on the artist's part to rectify the situation and continue on a better course. We're all human, we make mistakes, and we all deserve second chances in whatever we do, whether it's subjectively wrong or right.

But the level of passiveness as to what has been actually done is disturbing to me.

I understand supporting artists when they've been seemingly vilified by the masses of the internets, that's natural to do. And we as artists appreciate that kind of support when it happens. By the Nine, I know it has happened to me many times in the past where I've been the target of that kind of heat.

But we need to understand what's ethical and what isn't, completely unbiased from our feelings toward said artist.

Using reference is completely fine. We all need to somehow reference something at least one point in our lives in order to understand how to translate that in whatever piece we're working on. It's also used to learn how things work. There's no denying that. I've done it when I was learning. Even though in my opinion it's a crutch to copy things directly without trying to draw it at a different angle or with more exaggeration, but it's completely ethical to use reference.

On the other hand, there's plagiarism. And it seems like a lot of people don't really understand what Plagiarism actually is.

Plagiarism is a huge issue, in fact, one of the largest issues that plagues the art community entirely. And what I find so disturbing is that there is a huge mass of appreciators turning a blind eye to what actually went on and writing it off as "just hating". That is not the case.

Plagiarism is so serious, you can get kicked out of art schools for doing it. Heck, it's not even put up with in regular schools where you have to write theses or reuse visual video content of someone else's work. But it's more serious in the art scene. This is where we need to understand using reference versus copying imagery for profit.

It IS wrong. Very wrong.

However, no matter what I say will not really influence how anyone would feel about this whole matter, but I'm just stating facts here: There's no valor or honor in copying an image of another person's work, not citing reference, and making money of it. No way. No how. And no matter how much we love the work of said artist or if their versions are better than the original, we can't accept this behavior.

Also, this is not a question of fanart either. Fanart is using an established character and coming up with your own imagery or unique take on it. Understand the differences between the two. We all know selling fanart is a huge legal gray area and a lot of us (myself included) are guilty of it, but directly copying a picture of an established character like a Goku drawing from Toriyama, rendering it differently and altering proportion slightly, and then gaining profit off of it is not the way to go about things. It may not hurt your fanbase, but it will definitely hurt your credibility from actual professionals in the industry, who knows the difference between copying and using reference.

In the end, I still very much support this artist and I feel they are very skilled, and I'm sure the artist is taking steps to correct the matter... At the same time though, I can't be a rabid fanboy.

Know the differences.

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My New Patreon is LIVE!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 18, 2014, 9:32 AM

My new Patreon is now in full force!

So here's the rundown as to how things will go there! I hope to please everyone within their pledge level and I'm sure there will be adjustments along the way as we move onward on this little side-quest, but here are the terms of what's happening right now:

Every Friday, I will put up the week's batch of art. Patrons are then encouraged to go to their particular weekly batch based on their pledge amount and download the specific batch. These batches will include high resolution art and the PSDs for each image done during that week. Consequently, that's also when the "Paid" mark will go up for each week. (If you are not familiar with Patreon, the short of it is that marked payments are tallied up and processed at the end of each month.)

Opening up this means for you to download PSDs and high-resolution art DOES NOT give you the right to reproduce my work in ANY fashion. If I find out that my work has been reproduced or sold without express permission I will take legal action and discontinue the specific service entirely. Don’t ruin it for everyone else. This privilege is meant for educational and personal entertainment purposes, and I ask and hope for your utmost respect in that regard.

For fans who supported at the level of process/tutorial video rewards, these will be posted throughout each week via my Vimeo account a bit after each image is posted. The videos will be directly linked in Patreon, so there’s no real need to go to my Vimeo account to view them, but the option is there (for if you would like to download them as well).

A password specified on the Patreon upload will also be required to watch each video. Passwords also update from time to time, so later on, it may not be the exact same one. Everything will reflect via the Patreon post, though.

For those who supported at the $15 Character Request level, the terms here are very specific, so take note:

Each week, if your account is “OK’d” (meaning that when I post the weekly batch on Friday and your card/payment is “OK”), you will gain a Character Credit! What this means is that you will have a character to toss in a Continuous Ballot.

The Continuous Ballot is a “box" that I will randomly pick from for a day each week to illustrate a character from inside of it. All the character requests tossed in are persistent each week. For example, if you use a credit and toss in a request, and your character did not get selected that week, that character will stay in the box until picked. I may pick multiple characters a week at times to empty the box as time passes along. This random picking will be transparent; I will post a small video of the pick to ensure that I’m not playing favorites.

You can change your character request at any time if they have not been picked. I also have full control as to what pose the character is in, style of art (cels,painted, etc.), and how much is shown (full body, half body, bust), and canvas size. Basically, see this is a way to get my interpretation of the character. Character request choices can be original or fan art.

If you choose to jump on the pledge at this level, this allows for up to two characters to be illustrated on respectively, Saturday and Sunday of the week. Think of this as a mini-commission, in that I will draw the character how I would interpret them (almost along the lines above), but feel free to share anything you’d like to see with the specific character and I will take note on it and add it if I could. If this pledge is sold out for the week and you’d like to hop on, make sure to jump on the waiting list so you will instantly take the next open spot.

I hope I was as clear as possible on this, so think of this as a mini-FAQ. I will update this as we go along. Feel free to ask any questions here! Let’s gun for that NSFW milestone, hehehe!

Take care and thanks for your support!

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Changing My Patreon's Focus into Illustration

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 14, 2014, 12:04 AM

So I’ve been having this identity crisis lately, and among the topics within was looking at my Patreon and just coming to terms with some things:

First off, I appreciate all the support I’ve been getting for Rat Rage. It’s just not taking off to where it’s profitable enough to continue working on it. (And I’m sure one of the reasons is because of this anthro stigma.) I feel like a douche because there are people who jumped on it for the fact of directly supporting RR, but realistically, I can’t make it work with the amount I’m receiving there.

So I’ve been thinking of turning my Patreon into an illustration-based thing, where I would do things like draw stated character requests at my leisure, post process videos, share PSDs of each illustration, tips as to how I went about doing certain things, etc. That kinda setup has been proving pretty successful for other artists, and I want to try my hand at it. 

What does this mean for Rat Rage? Well, nothing really. 

Drawing daily is something I already do everyday, for free. I also sometimes post process stuff for free. So I know doing that wouldn’t be an issue at all.  Getting support for another purpose can still go towards making Rat Rage a reality. After all, I did start the Rat Rage comic page where you could read the comic and further updates. It’s basically apportioning support across causes. 

With Cryamore being worked on daily, it’s just not working for the extent to focus weekly on a full page while getting paid shy of $200 for it. But if I can get more support by the other quicker means like my illustration/pinup work and volley it back to Rat Rage and other stuff, that would be even more of a help.

So yeah, just an impending alert that my Patreon account is changing. Hopefully no one’s not too mad at me for this choice, but I have to make it. I promise to make it worth your while if you choose to hop on, if not, then that’s my fault and I’m okay with accepting that. 

So you can pledge for process vids, character requests and more on to the changed Patreon:
Those who are already supporting from Rat Rage, I deleted you as a patron out of fairness as you were in a different dollar amount. Please re-pledge if you like to support this new Patreon!


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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 7:10 PM

You can find me and :iconthechamba: (with :iconx-beatrush-x:) at table CC17 in the Artist Alley! It’s both our first NYCC so we hope that it all goes well! We believe we’re up far in the corner, so hopefully we’re easy to find. We’ll have select prints:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by theCHAMBA Hooked On A Feeling by RobaatoSMASH! by Robaato Enter the Mushroom Kingdom by theCHAMBA We are the Strawhats by theCHAMBA LUPIN THE THIRD by Robaato

Kickin' High and Low by Robaato

…and will be auctioning off our exclusive Cammy+Chun-Li banner there!

We both will also be doing original marker commissions, Jeff will have copies of Randomveus & BonusVEUS and I’ll be selling my new sketchbook, Skabrous Skratchwork there! Hope to see you there (whoever’s going)! 

Speaking of the sketchbook:


I received the proof earlier today!! Corrections were made (cover fix, contrast balancing, etc.) but it looks great! Also, it's almost as thick as a 3DSXL too (not included)! It's 220 pages with some exclusive content, and will be shipping out to all the preorders in October.

Another thing: too many people came out of nowhere telling me that they didn't jump on when the IndieGoGo campaign was going and wish they should've; at least about 100 different people have sent me messages and emails!!! I don't know why you guys didn't hop on then when you had the power to... Maybe next time you will jump on! Nevertheless, I will be offering another run of preorders for these specific peeps who didn't jump on the bandwagon then because I'm kind like that! I will let everyone know when that preorder session will go up. In the meantime, the IGG backers will get their fix in October!

That's all the news I have for now! Deuces for everyone!


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Final Day! 15 Hours left to grab My Sketchbook!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 10, 2014, 11:02 AM


You have less than 15 hours left to lock in a copy of my sketchbook! There are no plans for a reprint so if you miss the preorder phase, there will be a slim chance of being able to grab it afterwards.

Thanks again!


There are 3 more days left to secure a copy of my sketchbook! There will NOT be a reprint and consequently, likely won't be available online afterward.


So the artbook campaign has been 100% funded and we still have 11 days left! This book is definitely getting made! Thanks so much, everyone who hopped on and showed some support! I'm quite sure you will dig the contents! I'm just wrapping up the layout on it and then I will have it off to the printer by mid-August.

Again, I'm not having a huge run of this beyond the numbers you see on the IGG campaign, so if you want to own a copy of this bad boy, be sure to preorder it! You have a week and a half left!

Thanks again!


Checked into the page and we've surpassed at the halfway mark! That's legit! Thanks to everyone who has pitched in for a copy of it! One thing for sure is that this book is getting made!

Based on the turnout however, it's a high chance I won't be reprinting this again. I relied on my expected count from a poll from last year and the numbers are definitely off. So since it won't be in high demand and I won't be reprinting again, this will be the only time you can grab a copy of it. I will have a few on hand for cons in the future, but it won't be available for long. So if you want one, definitely make sure you preorder yourself a copy before the preorder campaign ends.

Right now, I've about reached the halfway mark on laying out the whole book. I want to have this all ready to go to the printer by the time the campaign ends.

Again, this 200-pg book will have a bunch of rough sketches, line art, and exclusive art not found anywhere else and won't be posted anywhere else in the future, for $30, shipping and handling included!

If you have questions about it, chances it's already been answered before so here's a link to the FAQ!

Thanks so much again and be sure to grab yourself a copy!


So last night while you guys were hugging your teddy bears and counting your sheep, I launched a campaign for my new 200-page Sketchbook, Skabrous Skratchwork Volume 1!

Skabrous Skratchwork Vol. 1 by Robaato

It will have tons of art packed in it that I haven't shown ever and a bunch of roughs and lines of some of your favorite illustrations from me. As well as commentary and a small tips section!

The book will be debuted and sold at NYCC this year in October, so if you're going, you can very well pick up one from me there (but I won't have a lot of copies with me)!

If you haven't seen this post yet, you can check out the details to the campaign right here!

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Small Update That Takes Like 2 Mins. To Read

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 3, 2014, 7:57 AM

Hey everyone! Thanks for sharing that information and responding on the background gig I've posted a week or so ago! We had a huge turnout and now a rather large contact list so if you didn't get selected, there's still a chance you may in the future. Thanks again!

Also, a short reminder to follow me on my Twitter which is here and  my Tumblr which is here. I don't have much time these days working on the game and stuff that I can't show so when I do little quick scribbles and sketches, it's much easier to post there than here on dA. But if you have a Twitter, definitely follow me there! I tend to stay social there the most!

To my Patreon Crowd: Rat Rage will return in full force next week! Sorry for the sudden halt in the updates, but Cryamore really called 911 on us for the past two months. Things are going back steady in that area so you will get your rodent fix very soon!

The secret's also slowly getting out that I'm compiling a brand new sketchbook (and it's probably going to be pretty hefty from my assessments…) so keep on the lookout for that.

I'm also going to be doing NYCC this year for the first time with theCHAMBA and w/ x-Beatrush-x to assist us! Won't be my first time going to NY, but definitely a first for that con. I heard NYCC is equal in attendance to SDCC these days, so that's gonna be something to witness. O_O I'm stoked!

I'm also slowly cranking out the few jobs I have out for some of you and will be responding to new email inquiries as soon as new spots open up.

That's about it! Thanks again for being you and taking the time to comment and visit my page. It's really heartwarming!


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PAID GIG: 2D Environment Artist for Cryamore

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 22, 2014, 3:45 AM


I rise from my grave to say that I'm looking for one or two reliable, very brave souls who are not scared of drawing rocks and boulders (and other cool setpiece'y environments).

As you may know, I'm currently (yes, still…) working on Cryamore and we're about to have another boost in our productivity but this time I'm looking to contract out 1 or 2 artists to directly assist me with background work and environments. 

At this moment, this mainly consists of inking rough layouts of areas (in a very moderate resolution; we draw assets near-native of the game's resolution) within the defined style. (If you are comfortable with color and think you can render in the appropriate style, then that's a plus. I'll think about giving out assignments like that but only if I can see that you're capable of it in your work, cuz I'm a stickler for keeping things within the style of the game… hence the reason why I've been doing every environment myself up to this point).

Please email the cryamore developer email at cryamoredev(at) with a link to environment stuff you've done before, if interested.

If you have solid experience digitally drawing backgrounds in general (comics, etc.), then feel free to submit as well. But artists experienced with game art and such will get priority.

Of course, this is PAID WORK. 

That is all for now.

Hope you guys are well; I'm doing okay, staying healthy to the best of my ability; I love you all; I haven't forgot about any of you (ya'll know who you are); Rat Rage will continue soon; hi newcomers for watching my work; thanks for the kind words and continued support with my art!


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21 DRAW!

Journal Entry: Fri May 2, 2014, 8:49 AM


Just letting my peeps on dA know that I was invited to another how-to-draw book called 21 Draw!

The focus of the book is on Character Design, featuring a thousand of references from 99 other dope artists, including my homie theCHAMBA, Artgerm, Endling Otto Schmidt, Kim Jung Gi, loish, and others! Feels awesome to be included with these other great talents again!

So you know the deal, check the link below, see if you like, and pledge if you like what you're seeing!…

Thanks for reading! 


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Trying Out DrawCrowd!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 6:19 AM

   Trying out that new portfolio site DrawCrowd!

Drawcrowd by Robaato

I will pretty much put only finished works on there, and having another place to showcase my work never hurts. I love the clean, direct UI and how ridiculously simple and minimalistic it is to post and view others' work. Since I'm too lazy to make a standalone portfolio site, this suits me perfectly! Also, a ton of super-skilled artists are already there so I'm getting distracted! :D

Let's hope it lasts, because I really dig it so far. 
Follow me on there too if you're gonna join it!

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Update on Rat Rage Patreon!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 3:26 PM

Hey everyone! Just giving an update to the RR Patreon!

Right now, there are about 40 people supporting the project! That's so encouraging to me, to know that there are those out there who are willing to support my work in this fashion. This is, after all, just another of my own properties in addition to Cryamore. Not fan art or fan-fics of other's established characters (which is something I do a lot of), but my own characters that I created and grew up with. And it's just really heartwarming that any of you would be interested to that extent. Thank you so much. :happycry:

After being almost a month on Patreon, it helped me take an analytical look at how I set things up, how people are jumping on, and the numbers that all work in tandem with each other to produce that result. It's been a bit slower than I expected (of course, I didn't really expect to do even 40 people jumping on in a month at all, so that's kinda crazy), as I figured the amount of attention my uploads regarding Rat Rage (not the reimagining stuff) gets pretty reasonable hits and positive feedback. Still, baby steps, as the story is still starting off and the main story has yet to really pick up yet (it's a few more pages until that happens), let alone the full color art each page as we're still in the archives of Jinx's and Rai's background!

Also, to take into account that $1 per page is a bit too high (I'm surprised some even forked over $5 per page for the high resolution process art)! With my guaranteed upload rate of 4 pages a month, and with the optional Fridays, possibly getting to 8 pages a month, that is a little costly for a single page upload; resulting to $4-8 per month for regular subscribers and up to $20 a month for the 2nd level. So I'm quite sure a lot are on the fence about it because of the costs. Economy is still not that fantastic, I know. I'm also still coming up with ways to be creative on the rewards end without making things harder on myself for everything else that I'm managing right now.

With that being said, I reassessed what I'm offering, and hopefully, this will be better in the long run.

I halved the original pledge offerings, so now all one would need to hop on the train of support is just paying 50 cents per page update. The update + process versions (high res sketch, ink, and final art without dialogue), just $2.50. That makes things a bit easier to swallow, resulting to spending just $2-4 a month for basic subscribers.

I'm trying out a new reward, Swords Illustrated mice pictorial PDFs, for $5. There are those who love their fanservice, so I decided to make a reward that isn't intrusive to the main storyline, but still works well with it altogether, further embracing the lore I've created in Rat Rage's universe. Patrons on this new level will also be able to submit their anthro gal character (preferably mouse or rodent-like) to be picked and featured in a high resolution 2-page pictorial as well as a cover each month, like so:

 'SWORDS ILLUSTRATED' Pictorial Page Example 1 by Robaato

And only patrons on that level will receive that reward each month. And that even opens up for things like even more cameos involving those who support me and their creations in the main thing.

I'm still trying to think of more creative ways to make Rat Rage more interactive than I originally planned to, and with today's digital era, I can do a lot more in that regard. So as new ideas pop up, I will continue to add/subtract as we go along. And of course, if any of you guys have ideas, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for reading, and for those (you know who you are), for your support!! :)

Support Rat Rage Webcomic on Patreon!


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Help Me Get Back On RAT RAGE With Patreon! UPDATE!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 3, 2014, 11:00 AM

Rai-Nini-patreon2 by Robaato

UPDATE: So far we're at 13 people jumping on board for this! You guys are awesome! A few people have messaged me and are quite confused about how it works and the way I have this set up though, so I can explain a bit more:

The way Patreon works is that you pledge per upload or per month (in my case, per upload). So if you subscribe to paying $1 per webcomic page upload, and if I upload 4 pages a month, you're paying $4 a month. If you subscribe at the higher tier at $5 with the extra goodies/content, you pay $20 per month. I think many would just like to read at the entry-level tier, and hopefully, a dollar isn't too much. ^^; You can also set a monthly spending limit on your Patreon account so you don't end up spending more than you can afford.

I've always had a bit of anxiety with Rat Rage; considering that it's anthro, I know it will not mesh well with a lot of people. But I will never cross that "weird side" since it's anthro. I'm just not that kinda storyteller, lol. But this is my most complete project by far, and actually, its success rate will give me motivation for doing more of my stories in this format afterwards, like Erratic and a few other IPs I have in comic format. If it flops, well, I'll just stay away from doing my creator-owned stuff in a comic format, lol.

But for all who have jumped in so far, you guys are really boosting my enthusiasm here! Your enthusiasm for RR is really contagious, and just really makes me want to create even more. Thanks so much. :)

That is all, I guess! Thanks again!


Hey all! By now, I'm sure you folks have heard of Patreon, a site where creators can continue to share their work and for fans to continue to support them! 

Well, personally, I've been checking this site out for quite some time now and I've been doing some critical thinking involving my project Rat Rage. Since I've started working on Cryamore, I haven't had much time for any other project. And a lot of people have been (as a result of the popularity of all my Rat Rage redesign fanart and further RR-related posts) asking me "when am I getting back on Rat Rage!?", since I was originally working on a comic/graphic novel before then. At first, I thought we'd be near done on Cryamore at this point, but it's really a huge game in the making. Much more larger than we thought. And I was going to have a Kickstarter for Rat Rage eventually after we're done with the game. 

So Patreon has become a thing amidst this, and it actually opened up things for me from a creator standpoint. I really want to do more with my own properties beyond Cryamore, but I'm subjugated by holding out on not showing stuff (which is mainly Cryamore stuff, a lot of it is still top-secret). And I do want to continue working on Rat Rage in my spare time, but I just can't as that time has to go towards freelance work and commission work to keep the bread on the table. 

So that's where Patreon comes in! If I reach my first goal, I can actually get back to working on Rat Rage, but in a webcomic form! I can do a page a week (or 2 pgs a week at times, depending on my schedule) all while working on my main project, Cryamore. With that said, I'm taking a different approach with Rat Rage. It'll no longer be me slaving on pages for an ultimate release in an original graphic novel format like I originally planned, but as a webcomic, which can then be compiled into a volume or two. This also means that only the folks who support the webcomic will have exclusivity; only they will be able to read the comic in its entirety before anyone else does. And all I'm asking for in return is $1 to join in the fun. And if you want some more good stuff, $5 to see high-resolution versions of the sketchy layout, inks, and colors without the dialogue, and extra thingies like concept art and such. It's sort of a no-brainer. 

I can't do this for free. It's just not happening with today's economy. But I really would like to get back to RR so bad, and I've felt my work/content has become stale since I don't have much to show besides random fanart and commissions.

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Artsy Update!! - Print Stuff - Commissions - Etc.

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 7, 2013, 5:17 PM

Hey everyone!

Just giving a nice little art-centric update since it's been a while writing one of them. :nod:

Things have fairly been busy on my end. Moving, Cryamore, Business, etc. Cryamore's going well; I'm at the computer slaving away, but it's fun work and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I'm also thinking of creating a new art book (separate from the Cryamore art book) next year that will catalogue a crapload of sketches and lineart. Might host a KS for it or something, I dunno. Haven't thought that far ahead yet. 

We recently moved into a new place a couple of months back. Long story short: it was a hairy situation, but we're all good. Though we've got our basement flooded about a month in (water heater broke), and some stuff got damaged. Lost a few art books (bye-bye Dragon's Crown and Code of Princess art book) but other than that, everything else was ok. I also lost a few prints; they got damaged in the flood. Speaking of prints…

I've been getting a few emails of those who have yet to receive their prints they ordered in the past few months. If you're reading this and have yet to receive your order because of whatever circumstances, please email me at and let me know what you've ordered and we'll get that squared away. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to address them, so I'm taking the time out now to get it out the way. Also, I will have an assistant to help further on future orders.

Speaking of prints, I've added a few more to my store

Until The End Of Time by Robaato 
They're up in preorder phase now, (currently getting them printed) so if you want some fresh new prints, go and act now! (I usually only do one run of things and never reprint, so… yeah.)

And few of them are on sale for cheap for like $5 a pop right now (whatever's left that didn't get damaged in the flooding), so they need to go!

I'm moving my main art streaming on over to PICARTO.TV, a stream service JUST for artists! They're also going to have a Multistreaming feature available, so you'd be able to catch me, :iconfooray: & :iconthechamba: do some triple threat streaming! That service will be available sometime next week.  

I'm also going to try to make a little money on the side, by hosting weekly Stream Sketch Raffles, probably every Friday or something (I'll get back to you on that). I watched Legoman do this and it seems like a cool idea! You enter a raffle to pick a request at a reasonably low price, and you get a simple drawing. Simple as that. Haven't settled on the price yet, but I'll be sure it is low enough to not kill anyone's wallet. It'll be a nice inexpensive way to support me and my work, if you even like me that much… LOL

I'll also be getting back to wrapping up a couple of commissions that some have got from me in the past few months, but I'm also allowing myself to do a commission a week from now on. With that said, my commissions are now back open! BUT-!!! I won't take a whole crapload of work this time. Pacing of self must be done. If you have a really expensive (meaning, taking a lot of time on my behalf) request, I may not take it. Also, if you have a character (original or fanart) that I may not feel like drawing, then I may deny it. Nothing against you or the character, but I have to pick my battles carefully. I mean, who likes random battles anyway? They can be annoying… especially in FF4.

You can find my updated commission information here. Please read and follow all instructions before sending an inquiry; it makes it easier for me to reply back to what you want. If your request is over-complicating, I'll probably just end up denying it. My time is very little these days and I need to use each minute decisively. 

Uhhhhhm… what else… Oh yeah, so if you have any questions for me regarding any other issues, please send an email to, and I will do my best to satisfy you in that regard. 

Also, those Esmy and Bliss figures are flying off the shelves! Don't forget that they are one-shot printed as well. You might be able to find one on eBay later after the game is released or something… For like, 3x the original price… LOL. So if you want Esmy or Bliss on your desk, check the Cryastore out and order them!

That is all for this update, and I bid you farewell until the next big one!

Also, I've gotten quite the amount of new watchers here on my dA and Tumblr. Welcome! I hope to continue to hold your interest as long as I possibly can.

Toodlez, homiez!

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Recent Cryamore Update - Information on Figures

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 22, 2013, 6:23 PM

Hey folks, we just had a recent update regarding our game, Cryamore!

Esmyrelda Maximus Statue - Prototype by Robaato

Bliss Barson Statue - Prototype by Robaato

It also has information on the leftover figures we're making for it as well. A few of you expressed interest in acquiring these ladies for yourself, so you can check up on that here! 


Also, Super Mario 3D World and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds are probably the winners of everything that's going on in the next-gen kingdom. (Move over, PS4/Xbox One.) These games are ridiculously good!!! It's a good day to be a Nintendo fan. 

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Won't Speak My Mind Anymore

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 8, 2013, 2:58 PM

One of the many things that is lame is when a truly good-natured person is vilified for having an opinion they don't agree with. And it's one of the huge problems with this world anyway. It always starts a lot of fights because someone just can't agree to disagree.

From this point forward, I won't express my personal opinions anywhere anymore, on here, my twitter, or my blog. Probably not gonna speak on positive ones either because that's fuel for jealousy and hate out there too.

You're here for art, so just have some art. :)

That is all.

(And don't ask "what happened?" or what have you. Nothing major happened.)

I'm Not A Social Butterfly...

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 29, 2013, 8:35 PM

...well, anymore. But I'm not an introvert, either.

Most of my IRL close acquaintances and friends always ask me "Rob, why you work so much? Why don't you go out with us like you used to?" "Man, we used to hoop all the time dude, when are we getting back to the court?"

My response usually consists of "I... just got things to do." And I do. I'm practically at the computer almost 18 hours a day, hacking away at the game. When my wife gets home, I spend a couple hours with her until she goes to sleep, and then I finish up whatever work until I hit the sack. 

Then they'd be the ones to go on how much they hate their job. Actually, its pretty funny: One of my closest dudes has an artistic background in music. He could be killing it in the indie scene even; he's a very talented dude. But man, he's dealing with chick-o-drama, always spending his free time (now on GTA5) playing games or going to the bar, and then have the audacity to go on how much he hate his job. It's like, "My dude, set your priorities... You could've been somewhere already, but you're dickin' around with women all the time, giving you drama, wasting your life away on games and bar time and..." Yeah, it's irritating seeing that from someone I know who has skill but is just wasting it away. 

I mean, I would love to be playing ball with the fellas or binging out on some Street Fighter or something like I used to, but I just can't. They don't "further" what I'm aiming for. 

Sometimes, even other artists approach me and confront me with their issues about why they feel they're not advancing enough, and my input is always the same: "Gotta put time into practice." And they say stuff, like "worrrrd. Yeah, I know that's what I gotta do. Well, I'm going to take this to heart and man, that Final Fantasy XIV is pretty dope, you're gonna get into it?"

And I'm like... O___o

Did they even get the point?

I mean, there's nothing wrong with going out with friends, spending time with family, chillin' with yo' boyfriend or girlfriend, or playing MMOs and even just taking time out to just be lazy (if you work hard). Having a way to fulfill that "relationship" and "me time" void is necessary to having a healthy life. 

But if one is trying to make moves in whatever they want to do, something has to take a backseat. It's called compromise. Don't complain to me about not feeling like you haven't advanced enough if you're not even spending time working towards things you want to advance towards, and rather do things like practicing that game or relationship-building with people you already have a solid relationship with. I still struggle with this, and it's called balance. Balance needs to be managed as best as one can. 

Yeah, it's a difficult. It's challenging. People's feelings may get hurt. You might lose friends. You could waste money on that game you just purchased. But you realize how easier things get (if your goal is to be whatever you want to be) when you put things in their respective place. And if you have big places you want to get to, well, time to start apportioning your time out differently.  

Personally? The role of a freelance artist is a pretty lonely one in a lot of ways (and an independent game developer too, which I'm coming to learn as well). 

(And don't confuse "being social" with being social with other artists and creative _professional_ people in the industry, that's a different thing. I'm talking about being social with those who run the complete opposite of what you're trying to achieve.)

It's either put up, or shut up

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Journal Entry: Sat Sep 28, 2013, 1:20 PM

UPDATE 2: We're reaching the final hours for this fantastic book!!!

Now with even MORE artists like Adam Hughes, J. Scott Campbell, Artgerm, Joe Mad, Dean Yeagle, and so many others, it's hard to keep count! It makes me feel like I don't belong with such a mega-collection of awesome artists. So if I feel that way, you know for SURE that this book is one of a kind.

Final chance to help support us and get in on this action!

UPDATE: The Kickstarter for this is up now! You can go and pledge here!

Hey all, just taking a bit of time to tell you about a huge project for aspiring artists that I think it's such a great privilege to be a part of. I was contacted to be among great artists out there like Humberto Ramos, loish, elgunto, Loopydave, Cushart, Jace-Wallace, and even fellow Skratchwork buddies CoranKizerStone and jeffwamester, amongst so many other fantastic artists to bring a book called Masters of Anatomy

"Masters of Anatomy is a one-of-a-kind collection of artistic anatomy bringing together the work of dozens of artists from different industries. Each artist recreates the Ideal Male and Female illustrated in their own signature style and without the aid of external reference. The goal: to translate a decades-old sketch into something more relevant to a modern aesthetic. The result is a volume unlike anything that exists today. A must have for any aspiring artist; digital or traditional."

There will be a Kickstarter going up next month for it, and it's already a highly anticipated book judging by the sheer amount of talent seeping out of it. Check the site and the Facebook page out for more information on it! Should be good!

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 14, 2013, 2:52 PM

How redundant is it pointing out these following statements?

There's no such thing as a gigantic mechanical robot fighting off alien monsters. There has never been a report of a man being bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming a hero. You can't summon a mini-tornado at your own beck-n-call, don't matter how much into the occult you are. The odds of a young male teenager having a harem of sexy girls at his every turn is nil. There aren't bipeds of animals that are supposed to be quadrupeds flying spaceships in the galaxy above us. You can't legally hunt and catch thousands of different animals and use them to protect you from other animals and people in a sports-like venue. You can't eat a flower and ignite fire from your hands. 

I can go on and on... this journal is probably being expressed because of recent built-up distaste for people bullying others because of what they like when it comes to fiction. 

Just to reestablish what it even means, here it is, straight from Ox': 

fiction |ˈfikSHən|    noun    
literature in the form of prose, esp. short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.
• invention or fabrication as opposed to fact

We're at an age where this kinda behavior was supposed to stay in High School. But sadly, internet has become the new "high school". Has been for many years now. I used to be bullied in HS because I liked video games, anime like Pokémon and Dragonball and whatnot; over fictional shiz. And many other nerds out there have incurred the wraths of jocks and hot cheerleaders because they liked Star Wars, Star Trek, D&D, and whatever in their time too.

It's super-childish and puerile. Now on the other hand, one can go (typically, realists) and say that fiction in itself is childish, but that's super hypocritical, because I'm sure every human being enjoys some form of fiction, whether it's outlandish or close to reality. Fiction is fiction. Fabricated. Made-up. 

Think about how superfluous it is for all these extremist groups and whatnot fighting against imaginary, made-up crap. People complaining about certain races of people not being represented in a good light, women not being represented in a strong way, etc.~ It's the act of trying to validate something that wasn't intended to be validated in that sense in the first place. 

Who cares if the black guy dies first? He didn't really die. Who cares if there are voluptuous sex symbols in a game? I personally know a ton of powerful, impressionable women in real life. ETCETERA.

It's getting pretty old. 

When you go out of your way to tell me how much you hate a character and think how dumb a series is, even just to get whatever kinda personal monkey that's on your back off of you, please note that I do not care and will most likely ignore you

And this is to those who are challenged by these kinda people who can't seem to keep to themselves about fictional stuff: Don't let them ruin your day. Ignore them. Like what you like. If you like My Little Pony, like My Little Pony. If you enjoy Kick-Ass, enjoy Kick-Ass. If Dragon's Crown appeals to you, then like Dragon's Crown. If you have a fetish that you don't share with many people, well... like your fetish.

For those who can't seem to keep their fingers from the keyboard to express their personal but redundant statement about how much they don't like something: just ignore the subject at hand. Look for things you like and talk positive about them; I'm sure the people who are posting that stuff you DO like will appreciate it. 

Everyone and their cat seems to have gone through law-school and earned their gavel... Time to grow up.

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Chris Copeland's COMIC RELIEF Kickstarter

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 9, 2013, 7:47 AM

    Hey everyone!

Just dropping by to state that you guys must check out my homie :iconchriscopeland:'s Kickstarter for his art book, Comic Relief: The Art of Chris Copeland. I know it seems everyone and their cat is dropping a Kickstarter these days, but Chris is one of the few out of the many who deserves success. He's part of our personal skratchwork crew, so you know he's gonna deliver some great art and he's such a great dude. He definitely deserves the support, and he's so close to being funded:


As of this writing, he's only at less than $1,500 to go. But he only has 25 hours left! So go on and give him a hand, would ya' kindly?

Thanks, you awesome people! 

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I Work Hard. Therefore, I'm a Loser.

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 6, 2013, 10:56 PM

I didn't sit idly all day, twiddling my fingers, wishing work came to me.

I didn't loathe at myself wishing that I could "draw feet" when working on a piece at the spot where I have to draw feet on the picture.

I didn't go to further schooling to let someone hand me a piece of paper on their own terms and timeframe telling me if I'm "capable of art" or not.

I took things into my own hands.

A couple of common phrases to make to artists who are (of the person who believes that they're) "inexplicably too good" that annoy me are:
  • "Ugh, I really wish I had your talent. Why are you so good!?"
  • "You're so lucky. I wish I could do what you do".
  • "I could never pull this off the way you pull it off."

Now, I understand that there are certain levels of aptitudes and paces that different people learn by, so don't get the idea of this entry wrong. But, really, let me make an illustration here:

I used to play basketball religiously growing up. Now I don't anymore. Every once in a while, my homies hit me up to see if I want to play a few games. And you know what? I SUCK AT IT. Not scared as a reasonably tall, young black man to admit that. Now every time I look at players in the NBA like Kobe Bryant, I'm like "This bastard, he's just too good". But I know why he's good. His training regimen is ridiculous. He's most likely always in the gym, shooting balls in holes, stepping up his game. Matter of fact, that's a fact. A quote from this article stated:

"Hey, let's talk about that time Kobe Bryant decided to work out at 4 a.m. and spend the next 7 hours in the gym before practice with USA Basketball."

Now I can't get all upset at myself and pity myself wondering why he's so good, or, why can't I be at the gym at 4:00 AM and practice before practice, nor do I ask myself how; the answer is simple as it is. He constantly works towards it. 

You think hard work won't pay off? You're totally wrong, and that's a fact, not my opinion. The question that is commonly asked "Is it even worth it?" Equivalent exchange, homie. You will always harvest something from what you've planted. If you work hard in anything, SOMETHING will pay off. May not be exactly what you expect to be paid off, but there's ALWAYS something. I've had a few guys approach me, I give them the pep talk, and they're on fiyah. Ready and rearing to go. They churn out about 5-10 pieces consecutively, and then wait.

WHAT THE #@&% are you waiting for!?

That's easily one of my biggest pet peeves. The mindset they have is basically, "let's do these pictures and then see if I get any pageviews or new hits for leads on jobs or street cred". No no no no no. This is something I had to teach myself: You don't draw to gain, you draw to lose. 

"Wha? That doesn't even make sense!!"

Think about it.

What are you really gaining when you finish a piece of art? I mean, there are gains, but that happens with any piece of art and artist. There are always gains. But that's not (or shouldn't be, rather) your sole purpose. You draw to lose. You draw to lose those inaccuracies with that rib cage. You draw to lose the staleness and rigidness and loosen up. You draw to lose yourself in a world where you control every facet of it. You draw to lose the negative emotions you may be in a roller-coaster ride of to acquire tranquility.

The gains come regardless. You can draw a crappy picture of Sonic the Hedgehog, you'll gain a look or two, or even a few likes and comments on it. You can draw a horrible-looking, stick-framed female with huge boobs and a butt, and you'll even gain something as well (even unwanted gain).

I don't post art and then worry about how many people are going to go crazy over it, I could honestly care less. I'm here to go crazy (negative and positively) over it, and that's the only person I need to do so.

Stop worrying about gaining so much. Focus on losing. In this industry and society, everything is a competition, and no one wants to be the loser. NO ONE. It's not understood that the ideal way to be in life is to be a loser. It's the more self-effacing route to take, especially in art.

I've read some articles from like, artists and industry vets who made it, and the thing I always hear is: "Look, I'm living testimony that hard work pays off" all while telling people who wish to be in their place "put the video games in their place, focus on your art, work toward your goals, keep learning". It even took me a while to see it, and though I wouldn't consider myself as someone "who've made it", I'm starting to see the formula.

That's my little thoughtful rant for this evening. 

TL;DR Ver.: Stop being a pansy and just draw. 

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