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Teasing some ideas for next month’s Rat Rage ”Swords Illustrated” mouse and sword on Patreon for you swimsuit and sword lovers out there. Rai seems pretty interested in it… These took about up to 5 minutes a pop.

For the RR Patreon, it’s 50 cents per page update. I tend to post 1 page a week. If I have some spare time, I post 2. If you want higher-resolution art including the sketch, line art, & dialogue-less versions, $2.50 per page update. And if you want to subscribe to the Swords Illustrated pictorial and submit your own OC gal to be featured in it, $5 per page update. At the least, one would just spend $2 a month for the base update; $4 for the most.

(Swords Illustrated is simply separate fanservicing, in case you were wondering.)

SWORDS ILLUSTRATED APRIL 3014: Tate Downton by Robaato 'SWORDS ILLUSTRATED' Pictorial Page Example 2 by Robaato 'SWORDS ILLUSTRATED' Pictorial Page Example 1 by Robaato Jinx Charade +2014+ by Robaato +THA BODYGUARD+ by Robaato RR0: A Not-So-Humble Beginning by Robaato 

Read and support the creation of the Rat Rage Webcomic on Patreon!

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You managed to do the unthinkable. For a moment I went slightly gay for a fucking rodent. 
DoomBringerNumber9's avatar
Makes the magazine twice as good.
Koricthegreat's avatar
Sweet book he found!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Pretty awesome! :D
mase0ne's avatar
I'm ashamed to say it, but I can't stop looking at that sword!  Such an amazing design.
DTJB's avatar
Huh, does such a blade exist?
ShaeButtah's avatar
That anatomy is so on point though
JaeDub003's avatar
LMMFAO!!!  Much personality!  Great gag man.  Good draws
SavianoMarcio's avatar
Me lembrou por um segundo a personagem Urd do mangá Ah! My Goddess!

It reminded me a second character Urd manga Ah! My Goddess! Sherlock Holmes 
Lilly-Lamb's avatar
Fantastic poses! :icongreatjobplz:
Kaedegirl's avatar
so.... when do you stop being awesome my dear?
Raptrax101's avatar
swords: long and deep
Divix3's avatar
Squeak sqeak -^^- <3 !
yellowwindow6's avatar
i really loved the poses.
ManiacPaint's avatar
BlueVenture's avatar
Cool sword concept
ManiacPaint's avatar
ahahah SUper sexy XD
onyxinterior's avatar
I can't blame him for staring.
Them's some major curves...o-on the blade....yeah >.>
Greyest-Wolf's avatar
Wowee. That's wonderful. ^ ^
Voxejst's avatar
Love that she's so bottom-heavy. Perfection.
Seraphestus's avatar
lukaner-Z's avatar
aDeSsINgH2's avatar
Incredible design
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