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This isn't your average "tutorial". Drawing tons of exemplary pretty pictures in a tutorial doesn't really make you learn anything. You can go in my gallery or search awesomeness in other galleries if you want to see that.

What's necessary is the information I'm giving. If you can take this in and learn from it, You'll be a rock star. ;)

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Very inspiring and encouraging, thank you for sharing.
But what do you consider as anatomical shapes? I'm genuinely curious, so could you give us some simple examples?
I would think of the general shape of the rib cage or the egg-like shape of the head etc. Do they count? ^^;

I know it's an old tutorial, but I do hope I'm not too late with this question.
Schwoo-the-Squid's avatar
Schwoo-the-SquidProfessional Digital Artist
This is so useful thank you!
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AspiePieStudent General Artist
Very nice tut!
R3dTyrant's avatar
R3dTyrantHobbyist Digital Artist

Challenge accepted, I'm going in.
Schwoo-the-Squid's avatar
Schwoo-the-SquidProfessional Digital Artist
Godspeed! D:
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I have a question about commissions:

How much do you charge for a single character drawing, and what is taken into account when people pay for it (like coloring, lighting/shading, backgrounds)?

Also, do you sell your works as prints, and if you do, do your prices reflect that?
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WoodSpiderStudent General Artist
Tutorials, from a professional? Yes, please!
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Da-4thStudent Artist
This is pretty useful. =)
Ariel-Archangel's avatar
Ariel-ArchangelProfessional General Artist
Shapes are key to getting the drawing right.  I do like to use guidelines to get the action of the pose, but that can easily be done with just shaped too.  I have seen the graphic artist Mark Crilley do that.
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PencilSpecterStudent Traditional Artist
I learned that the reason that i've  improved  is because recently I've been slowing down to get proportions down (using shapes/drawing through the drawing).you dont see improvement unless you compare old drawings to new ones. 
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Encouraging words!!!
Cartoon-Eric's avatar
Cartoon-EricHobbyist General Artist
Robaato's avatar
RobaatoProfessional Digital Artist
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Mari-KeiyouHobbyist General Artist
Fantastic delivery in this tutorial. This is to a T how I took in art; but you sir; have put them to words that hit me right at home.

Stay excellent and carry on! :)
Madwon's avatar
Encouraging !
Mohco's avatar
I love this and you for creating it. Thank you ;u;
Lorna-RoseFoX's avatar
Cheers this makes things heaps better to draw ^^
lucpiz's avatar
Thank you for sharing this way of thinking ;)
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Satoshi-UeStudent Digital Artist
Great advice! Thanx man.
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So, all I need to do to become a great artist is draw toilet paper all day? Count me in!
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BlackMegaMan2004Hobbyist Digital Artist
your work is amazing. ill keep these tips in mind.
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GastroReid Digital Artist
Thanks for a drawing tips.
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Haha, I think the drawing god brought me to this page. I was just telling myself how I needed to start figuring out basic shapes in order to draw figures more effectively (for instance, an angled cube for the chin, circle for the head, etc.), and voila! I discover this tutorial. Thanks, man. I am seriously going to start applying this kind of thinking to my artwork. Much appreciated!
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Very excellent advice. And you're 100% spot on. And by the way, YOU are a rock star ;)
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