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Read and Follow Rat Rage right on Tumblr!

Rat Rage webcomic is now also updating on Tumblr! Go follow it!

I know that the readability on Patreon is pretty bad at the moment, so you'll be able to follow along and interact with the first couple of chapters until they become Patreon-only right there on Tumblr. It will update consecutively with Patreon at the moment, on the weekends!

The Lowdown by Robaato C'mon... Lezgo. by Robaato Rai Rivet +2014+ by Robaato Jinx Charade +2014+ by Robaato Nini Richman +2014+ by Robaato Inez Cascades +2014+ by Robaato 
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I know this might be asking too much but will Rat Rage become a readable print comic?
M4IAN's avatar
I don't know about those red eyes man. Something rely bad is going to happen.
goli-man's avatar
I already know which part of the story I'm gonna hate, the part that says; "The End" It's inevitable, there's going to be an end. :-(
but hey, "enjoy it while it lasts" I always say. :D
Robaato's avatar
Aww, yeah it's not one of those super long-running stories! You have quite a while before that comes about, though! :D
blackopal's avatar
He's a ritten?
SydneyCoalMinerGirl's avatar
amazing comic, can't wait to see it in bookstores someday :D
CJ-DB's avatar
Nice comic :)
JKenLive's avatar
Cool... following there now.
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