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Rai Rivet +2014+

Since :iconrat-rage: is going to be a regular thing now, I figured I'd reintroduce the characters (since the last introduction was in 2009!), especially since the style of the series has been fixated for a good while now. And I gained a lot of new followers and watchers since then as well. 

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Rai is a city rat in Ratopolis, working as a bodyguard-for-hire at his fledgling business "Riveting Refuge" with his best friend and older bro, Jinx.  He accepts majority of the jobs he receive, since the government and law enforcement barely does anything for its citizens. He tries to fight for what is right and tries to be an honest believer of "true justice". Doesn't always work out, though.

Surprisingly, he cannot eat cheese (dishonoring tradition), as it will cause him to fall ill and weak; even the smell of cheese can render him disoriented, even though everyone else around him eats it. His choice of weaponry is a custom gun called the Rimshot, which is capable of shooting all types of organic material (lazers, lightning, bullets, bubblegum, plants… poop… etc.) and he studies various weaknesses of criminals and creates new organic compounds to add to his ammunition.

For choice of wheels, he drives a Furrari Mouz ZXT. He should be more simple, but he can afford it. He loves mice, but doesn't have much luck with them. He also sports a stiff, crooked tail, which is highly unnatural amongst other rats or mice, and even though it is looked upon as a disorder, he utilizes it when fighting (and even some mice dig it).

One day, his daily routine and life makes a complete one-eighty when meeting Nini, and this certain… creature.

TOOLS: SketchbookPro6/PhotoshopCS6/Cintiq24HD

Jinx Charade +2014+ by RobaatoNini Richman +2014+ by RobaatoThe Lowdown by Robaato+THA BODYGUARD+ by RobaatoRocketsneer Rumble by RobaatoC'mon... Lezgo. by Robaato
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I'm really intrigued by the concept and I love your art, keep up the great work! If this project could go big, what would you do with it? (movie, cartoon, etc.?)
Dude... Your artwork is amazing!
gunswordfist's avatar
I'm loving this character
goli-man's avatar
how does he tie his shoes? and cool can't wait to see the story finished. :-)
Corvus-the-Snark's avatar
Rai is freakin' awesome, never before have I seen an original character on Deviantart so endearing and original :)
hillskull's avatar
bravo bravo will done this is what i call it art love it 
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wooooo man i love it!!
SuperCaterina's avatar
Is Rai going to wear this jacket often? He looks so cute with it!! =D
Robaato's avatar
Yeah he does, actually! The weather's usually cold in Ratopolis so he often wears the jacket when outside. :)
SuperCaterina's avatar
Interesting (and cute XD)!! =D
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cannot wait to actually read the comic :)
Robaato's avatar
:D It's already started! 
MaineKaiza's avatar
really, is there a link to the page?
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This looks great! Nice outfit and i love the coloring!:)

May i ask how you got an outline on your shading?
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Thanks a lot! ^^

I used a Layer Style with a "Stroke" preset. 
CrystalWoods's avatar
You're very welcome!:)

Ah ok!Thank you!^u^
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Totally awesome 😆
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Awesome. Don't know how I missed his zigzag tail before. :)

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(lazers,lightning,bullets,bubblegum,plants......poop...ect) I died laughing at this part!LOL
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