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RR Prologue Pages 11-14

This is another shamefulless plug/update for those who don't know of the Rat Rage Patreon yet. I won't be posting finished pages elsewhere, only for patrons and supporters there. But I'm trying to get you involved, seeeeeeee? 

Again, the first two chapters will be public, and after that, patrons only. Prologue chapter is actually the length of two single chapters, so technically we got a while (about 3 chapters worth) until it becomes private. Also, the reason the pages have been mainly greyscale so far is because it's currently in a flashback narrative. The comic will be in full color once we get all educated on Rai and Jinx's (and Roxelle's) background (hopefully that will lessen the appeal that I'm going "cheap" on the art, heh). So the story is going to begin picking up pretty soon; finally we're going to get into the meat of it.

It's 50 cents per page update. I tend to post 1 page a week. If I have some spare time, I post 2. If you want higher-resolution art including the sketch, line art, & dialogue-less versions, $2.50 per page update. And if you want to subscribe to the Swords Illustrated pictorial and submit your own OC gal to be featured in it, $5 per page update. At the least, one would just spend $2 a month for the base update; $4 for the most.

So far it's going pretty strong and I'm still in awe at how those who are already joined up are showing their support! It's really heartwarming.

I'm going to probably post a bit more frequently early on (2 a week) to get the interest rate going up and the story up to speed a bit faster. We'll see. I'm also thinking of a few more ideas I can think of to get more people on board, maybe some kinda paid monthly mentoring to a select few individuals to help them out for art stuff for maybe an hour or two out of the week in a Google Hangout or something like that. Still picking apart my schedule for new ideas since I have so much going on still, but in the meantime I can assure you that the main story itself will hold at least some sort of merit! (Swords Illustrated is simply separate fanservicing, in case you were wondering.)

Well, that's it! Thanks again you guys!

RR0: A Not-So-Humble Beginning by Robaato Jinx Charade +2014+ by Robaato Roxelle the Breeze +2014+ by Robaato Rai Rivet +2014+ by Robaato Inez Cascades +2014+ by Robaato The Lowdown by Robaato 
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Parry everything.
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she is the one wondering is it fair!! after she just attempt to kill someone?!! serves her right!!
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Great looking pages! :thumbsup:
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"And scrubs ain't get no love!"

Ah, I remember the very last page of Rat Rage I remember seeing was some type of underground street fight? Neat that you picked it up from right there :)
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Interesting story.:)
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I've been posting them on my Patreon, heh. So these are weeks old. I don't know if folks check the links to things in the stuff I post. 
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Oh, so I should check that place out then?
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That kid with the cap's a fucking douche.:) (Smile) 
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