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Jinx Charade +2014+

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Jin Charade, or rather what he prefers to be called, "Jinx", is a rat that grew up with Rai. He found Rai in an alley, brought him home and his mother helped raise him. Throughout the years, he become an older brother to Rai, almost to the point that you'd think they are blood-brothers. He works at Riveting Refuge with Rai, mainly doing the menial work until they get a secretary. Simply because, he's too lazy to go out searching for bad guys himself.

Jinx has a real laid-back sorta mentality when dealing with day-to-day life, sometimes appearing as an apt description of an "emo" that are so popular with the kids nowadays. But actually, he's the complete opposite. He's an introvert and usually sits back, calculates things appropriately, and reasons objectively, resulting in keeping himself composed during intense situations. He likes mice, but he's mature enough to not get all bent out of shape when around them.

His trademark weapon is the Swiss Army Knife, custom made for him to identify himself as a distinct Street Fencer, (kinda like how wrestlers have their trademark props, except his an actual useful weapon). Street Fencing started out as an underground competition that was so popular throughout Ratopolis that it actually became a real sport. People from all around Clauvia travel to Ratopolis for each year's Ultimate Fencing League Tournament. Jinx is so good that a lot of folks are frightened of his swordsmanship. He has made a lot of rivals in his career as a Fencer, predominantly Roxelle the Breeze, a fencer who he claims is the only one who has made him break a sweat.

Beneath that tough exterior, he's the brains of the crew and usually mends the consequences of Rai's constant brash and brazen decisions; putting Rai in check and giving his thoughts and advice in certain situations, even though he has his own demons he's dealing with.

Sometimes, his adamant viewpoints can be the brunt of much opposition from Rai.

TOOLS: SketchbookPro6/PhotoshopCS6/Cintiq24HD

Rai Rivet +2014+ by RobaatoNini Richman +2014+ by RobaatoRoxelle the Breeze +2014+ by RobaatoBazooka Crow +2014+ by RobaatoThe Lowdown by RobaatoWhassup? by Robaato
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I imagine him voiced by Alan Ritchson (voice of Raphael from the TMNT movies) only higher pitched.
finalknight0x3's avatar
Hey rob just wanted to that your work is a constant inspiration too me as a artist keep up the great stuff man
AttackVII's avatar
Oy, what font is this or is it custom? I was lookin into doin some fanarts.
Tha-RIPPER's avatar
FREAKIN' SICK!!! This character ROCKS, bro! Blue, is probably, my fav' colour. I think that Swiss Saber Jinx' got is off the chain! That look he has ... bad-azz dude :thumbsup:
Jinx looks so cool. I don't remember the last time I looked at a character and was like looking at a version of me. Great job!
Oderaa's avatar
Love the updated characters!! Drawing a coloring improved!! Nice!
Robaato's avatar
Haha, yes! It was time for an update! 
HaluzCZ's avatar
cheese katana is brilliant idea :)
Ferris-Pepper's avatar
That's so awesome. 

dozer92's avatar
Like that  cheese-katana)
darkspeeds's avatar
Swiss Army Knife? Street Fencing? Damn... 

You put a lot of thought into the back-story and personality of each character. What makes it really fresh is the originality of your ideas and designs for an anthro-cartoon style webcomic epic. Looking forward to seeing how this series turns out Robaato. *thumbs up*
CrystalWoods's avatar
Awesome work as always! I always loved the design for Jinx!:) Love the outfits you come up with!~:heart:
T-Spencil's avatar
great work! jinx always stick as a rabbit to me
12dougie's avatar
I totally love this! <3 , <3
And i don't know why the heck i think that Roxelle and Jinx look good together 
O_o I had a dream the other day!
And it was that Jinx was fighting with Roxelle and then just like nothing, Jinxs kissed Roxxelle
and she became good and help the team xDDD
I need to stop eating chocolate before sleep.
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Cool cheese sword!!!
that character remind me "Biker Mice From MARS"
I can't wait to see your work finished
changingmyusername's avatar
Jinx is so cool, i ship Nini with him haha. Just my complex with older guys. Meow :3 
DrisseArt's avatar
Real cool! <3 
AJthe90skid's avatar
THE SWORD IS DEFINITELY IMPROVED... but most of the "re-designs" look like their original ones to me, unless i'm not seeing something.
Robaato's avatar
Yeah, they're not redesigns, I'd consider it just "re-polishing" since it's been a lonnnng time when I originally did their bios. It's time to refresh them for the times since I've got better and have a fixed style for the comic and all. :nod:
AJthe90skid's avatar
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