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Inez Cascades +2014+

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Inez is a young, well-known journalist who works for the Ratopolis Reader, the city’s daily newspaper. She is Rai and Jinx’s very first customer. Their first gig? 

She thinks someone is stalking & following her. Inez
 believes there is something behind the scenes going on in Ratopolis, so she scours around trying to find the “real deal” of what’s happening in the city. Apparently, she wrote an article about a sensitive piece of information and now she's convinced that someone is out to get her, due to a grim note being left on her apartment door. Or maybeeee… she’s a big conspiracy theorist and is just a bit delusional?

Whatever, the money's good for Rai and Jinx's startup business.

Thinking the law is in on the “big secret”, she goes to the amateur doors of Riveting Refuge to get some bodyguards to assist her daily living. Noticing that the boys behave like high-schoolers, she thinks they’re the perfect cover. And boy, is she the... intrusive one. 

Slyly noseying her way through Rai and Jinx’s business, she learns all about the then-fledging company, w
hich then leads to an interesting conversation… It seems she also saw weird lightning bolts a couple of times as a kid. Annoyingly going on and on about conspiracies lead her to this topic. 

It just so happened that Jinx knows exactly what she’s talking about...

TOOLS: SketchbookPro6/PhotoshopCS6/Cintiq24HD

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This character looks really nice and cute, and I like her outfit as well. :meow:
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Awesome pic... is she playing a 2DS?
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Your girls are all so cute hnngh!

Freckles! :D
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Very cool!  Lois Lane never looked this cute!  :)
Cute.                                                                                                                                                                                                Rattata Plz 
S3rb4n's avatar
Really cute design, once again congrats on a fine job. She seems nosey enough for a journalist =D
darkspeeds's avatar
Great back-story, she fits naturally into the story and knowing a little bit more about her makes my experience reading the comic a fun one.

Quick question: is here name pronounced 'E'-nez or 'Eye'-nez?
Robaato's avatar
I believe the correct pronunciation is EE-Nez! :nod:
darkspeeds's avatar

Thanks for clarifying!
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Love those freckles. :D

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She looks really cool and adorable, great work.
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So cute! I love your designs!
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Inez is adorable; I love those freckles!! Out of random curiosity, how old is she?
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There's not really an "age" in Rat Rage, but comparably to humans, around 23. However, she's older than the boys. Rai would be about 17 at the time of the Prologue Chapter, and Jinx at 20.
lildevilchick's avatar
Thanks for the info! I always love little background tidbits. :)
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Such a cutie :D!
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:iconyoyobadassplz: You're welcome.
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Looks pretty under average. Meh...
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Thanks for your comment! ^^
UnboundExile's avatar
Somethings off with her foot. Still cool tho
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