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Everyone's Favorite Controversial Female Character

I never got a chance to do a colored Sorceress piece, so here's a lil' painty of her!

If you want the high resolution version, and PSD of this and more artwork (including high definition process videos), please support me via my new Patreon! New imagery every week! Also will be able to request characters and more there!

Thanks for viewing, everyone!

TOOLS: SketchbookPro6/Cintiq24HD
TIME: 100 mins.

 Saucy'ress by Robaato The Axe Effect by Robaato Tiki Needs Help! by Robaato The Witch of Elrit by Robaato What is That, Velvet? by Robaato 
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witch booty at 2 am in the morning is something i can definitely get behind! :)
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Why would she be controversial?
Kidicarus360's avatar
Look at her body. * Mic drop *
Rebelno6's avatar
But, it's not like she's the first of her kind LOL.
Kidicarus360's avatar
Well, there is Fire Emblem...
Rebelno6's avatar
Yeah, that's my point.
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Meh. The Amazon was my favorite. Any chance you'll be doing one with her? She's the sexier one in my opinion. The only thing really going for the Sorceress was her big tits. The Amazon had the best (and thickest) legs and ass outta of all the other women in the game.
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You did my main justice.
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Great game, great character! Excellent work!!
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get a taste for religion... lick a witch
Quikanims's avatar
She was controversial? The overall game design and proportioning is so ridiculous that it wasn't worth even getting offended over.  Like some of the topless male characters had quadpacks on their fucking quadpacks.
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i mean twitter get worked up because lets face it if she was fat and aged poorly yet still showing her ass off then they'd be applauding her with body positivity thumbs ups, but because she's attractive they're gritting they're teeth because they know the truth

like they're hypocrites they have no clue what they're on about, its almost as if they have no ideas that woman can draw lewd art too

DoubleA2015's avatar
True. Also, having a sexy female isn't misogynistic if you make her just as capable and likeable as everybody else.
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Superjustinbros's avatar
Teehee, nice legs.
She looks like a pair of boobs and a butt stitched to a pole. How could anyone find that beautiful?
Robaato's avatar
Why even come and comment on the picture if it ain't your thing? 

I'll never understand things like this... Just move on.
OceanwaveII's avatar
Tend to get different folks on the web either your angry I am jealous that she hot type or your religious type and/or political correct secular evangelist  who believe in if  they shout enough they can get the artist to stop drawing attractive woman then they turn your comment section into a war-zone . It an ego-control thing or the opposite they are obsessed with the images they hate . Bit like people who hate gays and obsess about everything homosexual. Had a Japanese friend once told me something that resonated with me (They must obviously like these images ) lol for people who spend all there energy hating them , if you truly despise them you'd ignore it .lol thought when she said that was pretty funny .she had a point must require alot of energy to find and argue with people .
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It's art, it's suppost to be exaggerated. Honestly, if you find some of the pregame/ post trailers of Elizabeth from bioshock infinite, I thought she was perfect. She was a C cup at best and I liked that just fine. Also keep in mind alot of females do have ungodly figures that are natural...they feel like freaks because of it too,  and not just by the horn dogs either if you get my meaning
Yeah....I wasn't too into Elizabeth, either. The way they present her it's obvious she's supposed to be fap material for the viewer and nothing more, but then we find out her relationship with Booker, who is the player and....yeah, it was weird. It's not art, it's porn. I can't stand it when people try to make themselves feel good by calling it art when they know it's not. A lot of females have ungodly figures? Are you joking, or have you just never left the house? The average female looks nothing like this at all. Unless you live on Hooker Island, then maybe I can see that being the case. I know women with large breasts and large bottoms, but usually they have something in the middle to connect those two.
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