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Another Rat Rage Sketchdump

Some concept art done over the past few months for Rat Rage.

TOOLS: SketchbookPro6/Cintiq24HD

The Lowdown by Robaato C'mon... Lezgo. by Robaato +THA BODYGUARD+ by Robaato RR0: A Not-So-Humble Beginning by Robaato Whassup? by Robaato Ratty Sketch Compilation by Robaato 

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AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Nini looks cute in her cleaning clothes. :)

Tha-RIPPER's avatar
Sketch. Bottom left. Jinx....BAADAZZ!!!
Corvus-the-Snark's avatar
One thing I really like about Nini is that her soft and cutesy face completely belies her impressive chest size, I have to be honest: most of the time when I look at your drawings of her I do a double-take at her figure because I can't match them up. Its like watching an anime and rewinding a few frames to confirm that the girl whose face makes her look 16 has a bust that would make a someone in their late twenties jealous XD
GHENGIZZ's avatar
Ah you can enver have to much Nini I say:) She's my favourite character you draw after Bliss:D
JKenLive's avatar
Yep, cuteness squared.
CyprusBeetle's avatar
man, these look good.
XandImus's avatar
g3m1n1's avatar
i forget whether this was addressed or not but in rat rage, are males called rats and females mice?
Jakemono's avatar
these expressions... Need to turn jealousy... into... motivation... nngggh
missingmom's avatar
Oh my goodness...this is so cute it jumped right into my folder of cuteness....honest....! ;D
DigitalDetective's avatar
Looks Great! Can't wait for more!
S3rb4n's avatar
Nini's cuteness is overwhelming.
Snowballflo's avatar
nini's role in the entire story along with two 'boys' is pretty interesting and somehow it stands out among the others<3
Santosbzz's avatar
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