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Reflect Visual Style for Windows 8.1u1 (Preview 3)

By Rob55Rod
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Is there such a thing as an Aeroglass addiction? Because if so, I think I might have one ._.
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impressive!!! La la la la 

really stunning how you did the round corners in this preview..
i have to admit, i have no idea, how you made them..

btw aero is indeed an addiction.. =P (Razz) 
Rob55Rod's avatar
Thanks!!! :​OD

Alright then, that's 2 upcoming guides: Round inner corners and Ribbon skinning. I really need to learn how to write a decent tutorial ._. you still make Visual Styles at all?
devillnside's avatar
you think??? : P LOL looking real nice there mate
Rob55Rod's avatar
Ha, ha.

And uh, thanks :7

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yeah skyrim special edition has screwed so addicted to it.. cant get to do anything else .. ill be there.. must break free
Rob55Rod's avatar…

(skip to 0:58 if needed, watch until 1:10)

(not sorry)
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riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight really funny
Rob55Rod's avatar


*staring blankly at Steam friends list*
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no, unfortunately i've quit making themes..

i was a lot of fun, but also it needed a lot of time, which i don't have anymore..

i'm still using the LH Theme on a Win7 PC at work, meanwhile i've upgraded my Home Pc to Win10. Win10 themeing seems to be very annoying, because with every new update, a theme can stop working if i've read here correctly...
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...yeah, I've heard similar things about 10. And worse *COUGH*YouCan'tSkinTheTaskbar*COUGH* .

Think you might ever start making Styles again?
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