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Plexcellent VS for Windows 8.1u1 BETA 1 DL IN DESC

By Rob55Rod
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Alright, I said I'd put out a beta release, and I meant it!!!
Here it is:…
Enjoy! (Also please report any issues you find or parts I haven't skinned yet)

If anything goes wrong, I am not responsible, nor am I obligated to fix your specific issue.
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why wont it work on my insider preview 18898!?!?

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Because it's for Windows 8.1 - I don't deal with Windows 10.
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Idk where Beta 2 is
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Tbh I am hyped for beta 2 just idk where it is ._. same with reflect beta 1
I wont be using your Visual Styles Often unless I get a test release or a beta
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I'm trying to port Plexcellent to XP with Resource hacker and It's pretty Hard Here is progress though
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i barely understand that.
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this is....different & i like it!!.......... NICE+fav +fav +fav +fav +fav 
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Heh, thanks :7

Your styles are pretty nice too. I may try them out sometime if WSB will convert them to Windows 8.1 without blowing up in my face.
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thanks ....!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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what version of Windows Style Builder do you use....
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You're welcome ^-^

...why do you ask? .____.
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he needed to know
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I can help with the development of this style.
Rob55Rod's avatar so? (If you're particularly well-versed in navigating and using Windows Style Builder and you use either Steam or Skype, that alone would help...I get lost in that overgrown tree view way too often >.< )
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Indeed. I made a port of the Longhorn Plex style from 3718 and the Slate style from 4074.
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Just took a look. Looks pretty good...though I see a lot of things which went unskinned. But what was skinned was skinned well, and although I can't seem to find that 3718 Plex style, I did notice Codename AeroAlphaBeta, and, well...……     XD

So...Steam or Skype? My preference is Steam, but I can go with whichever you prefer, as long as you can give me a link to your page if it's Steam or your Skype name if Skype.

DBlake1's avatar…

Skype name is rather embarrassing (it's a holdover from when I was into MLP).
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Friend invite sent :V
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