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Yutyrannus huali



Had fun doing this piece, I missed drawing dinosaurs :D
Was for IOW at Decided to add a few other little feathery creatures into the mix, such as sinosauropteryx and sinornis.

Yutyrannus huali is a recently discovered dinosaur found in China. Not only is it unique in the fact that it is mostly covered in feathers, but that makes it the largest known feathered animal (with proof). Also this find has scientists thinking that even other large therapods such as T-rex may have had feathers as an adult. Although it is more likely that T-rex would've shed it's feathers before adulthood. It is liekly that Y. huali lived in colder environments (estimated an average temperature at around 10c a year).
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What wonderful time of day, very cold. I like the snout colors and coat markings!