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Yutyrannus huali

By rob-powell
Had fun doing this piece, I missed drawing dinosaurs :D
Was for IOW at Decided to add a few other little feathery creatures into the mix, such as sinosauropteryx and sinornis.

Yutyrannus huali is a recently discovered dinosaur found in China. Not only is it unique in the fact that it is mostly covered in feathers, but that makes it the largest known feathered animal (with proof). Also this find has scientists thinking that even other large therapods such as T-rex may have had feathers as an adult. Although it is more likely that T-rex would've shed it's feathers before adulthood. It is liekly that Y. huali lived in colder environments (estimated an average temperature at around 10c a year).
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What wonderful time of day, very cold. I like the snout colors and coat markings!
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I love the sunset colouring on the snout, I imagine those colours where to show his much testosterone males had, and most fights didn't end in bloodshed.
JokerCarnage5's avatar
I love it! You get five stars:D
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: 
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grisador's avatar
Great Artwork !  Wow! 

All sure ''' Who's/Which Dinosaurus '''    is  Next ?   T-rex [lol] 
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Finally someone who doesn't put wing-like feathers on the arms. I just think it makes more sense not to have those wing-like feathers on the arms especially if the animal was using its arms for slashing prey, those kinda feathers would just get in the way and messed up. That why I really like drawinhgs like this, seems more realistic this way.
angelanovus's avatar
Great work! well done :D
LeahCK's avatar
Gorgeous, like the colors that you chose.
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
Available for print?! I am so adding this to my wishlist.
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
I want to comment, but I'm speechless, so this is my comment. xD
HellraptorStudios's avatar
I really diiging the colurs you got here, your art is so awesome i gonna watch you :)
Lucern7's avatar
Well that's pretty neat, while I'm still against giving all theropods feathers (for the same reason I'd be against giving all mammals fur) but I can't deny that in a Colder Environment they'd definitely have some fluff, at least the more advanced later evolved ones.

I like that you noted that the T-rex Probably shed it's fluff, since it lives in a much hotter environment, much like An elephant lacks fur while a mammoth was wooly.

Anyhow nice work I'm glad you didn't make them ridiculously technicolor like some artists do
trisdino's avatar
the rex actually did not live in a very hot area. It was not cold mind you, but not a "warm" place either
DinoHunter2's avatar
Awesome work! You really nailed the wintery atmosphere of this scene, those ghostly dead trees in the background look great. Very fitting color choices for Yutyrannus, too, the snow leopard-esque plumage combines very smoothly with the more colorful snout pattern. It's fun to look at but also very natural and believable. The two dinos' conflict frames the scene quite nicely.

I do think SimKoning made a good point with the nostrils, though- a lot of cold adapted animals have enlarged noses to deal with chilly air, so it would make sense if the nostrils were a tad bit wider. :nod:
Durbed's avatar
This came out really nice. I specially like those markings on the snout.
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don't think they had feathers
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Why would you think that? The fossils that were discovered showed that they did infact possess feathers. They would've been long filamentous feathers closer to that of underdeveloped down rather than the typical type of flight feathers with a central barb.

I know that a few people may deny that they have had feathers since the 'excepted' description of therapod dinosaurs are large reptilian creatures. I'm not sure if that's how you feel, but thinking they didn't is kind of foolish when there is fossil evidence suggesting that they did have feathers. Also other smaller specimens of tyrannosaurs such as Dilong have also been found to possess feathers, suggesting a possibility that other tyrannosaurs such as T. rex may have also had feathers, at least in their adolescence. Of course proof is hard to come by since feathers aren't exactly known for preserving very well in 65+ million years.
Doctordid's avatar
because it's a reptile not a bird you'd have to show the thing with a beak the way you have it
triggamafia's avatar
Are you fucking retarded?
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