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These devilish little creatures often play in marshlands. They light their bodies to lure unsuspecting people into the deepest parts of the marshes to play tricks on them. When people get close they simply vanish into the marshes only to reappear further away. They rather enjoy the sight of people in fear, especially those who do not respect their marshy homeland. However the decline of the marshlands due to human habitation has made these creatures more and more scarce. They still play tricks on the humans who most of the time will get lost within the marshlands after the wisps have finished playing.

Well it has been a little while but here something I whipped up for Creature of the Week! My interpretation of the phenomenon known as the will-o-the-wisp!
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One dead body was found c.1500 in a marsh. Submered to its waist. When the finder asked the village priest to help he refused.He said "The fairies got him and will soon take him. Had he listened to God, he would not have blundered there.".

The next day, the body was gone, sunk into the bog. This was where bog bodies were generally found...