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Metroid Life Cycle WIP

By rob-powell
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Was hoping to have this done by today but never really got around to it...Started this last year for Metroid's 30th Anniversary, along with several other Metroid related pieces. Was chipping away at it here and there and ended up with some designs I'm more or less satisfied with.

Perhaps I'll be able to finish it later on.

Either way excited for the new game coming next month!
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First they start off as human-sized cells with fangs, and as they evolve, they're more dinosaur-like. 
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Absolutely love this version of the life cycle! The addition of the imprinted baby metroid is pretty wonderful too, makes me think about Samus having a fully grown metroid friend helping her out..
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I've never played a metroid game, but this looks pretty good Clap 
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This definitely looks like prime material. Good job!
Come to think of it, this might have been a better queen metroid for Samus Returns in my opinion.
The plates on the top of the neck look like an evolution of the game's omega.
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Don,t want to be rude or anything,  Omega metroid look like T rex with armor and the queen look like 
longneck dinosaurs with armor.

I don,t say look bad  far from it, This drawing its better that anything could do.
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These designs are amazing! They look fantastically twisted and alien. Seconding what someone else has said, the transitions between forms look very natural and each genuinely looks like a development from the last. The detail of what looks like eggs in the Queen's abdomen is nice, a fitting if appropriately gruesome touch.
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I would like to commend you on how you made the transition between forms look so natural!  You can see how each form resembles the previous past Alpha and it really makes the Metroid seem like a legitimate creature.
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Hey! I haven't used my DeviantArt in years, but I jumped in here to tell you these may just be my favorite rendition of the Metroids life cycle :).
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niiice. i really like your models.
I had no idea there was a metroid game coming out!!! Now I must look into this....
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SO GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for all your stunning art, Rob!
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Dayum Son! This is amazing :D 

Like the scale of this and just how massive you made the Metroid Queen.
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Neat idea! It isn't interesting to imagine the metroids "borrowing" the theropod body plan for part of their life cycle.
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Awesome work. Reminds me of a D & D beast my DM used when he wanted to 'merge' the two games.
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It was exactly my first thought (After the "wow" of the first impression) ! "I must create a profile for these metroid !"
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Kython- they were half metroid, half xenomorph
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What?! *googles*  WHAT?! She's back! I hope they're both good. That might be enough to make me buy a Switch.
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They still can't crawl
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Awesome Metroid Cycle!  
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