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By rob-powell
Finished the metroid design. Wanted to go with a more insectoid inspired design. Was pretty fun to paint.
...bonus coming soon...
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For a moment there it almost looks like a cupcake or a muffin.

Hellfire44's avatar
Very nice! This portrays Metroids as what they really are instead of the game renders (that almost look cute).
greninjaevolved's avatar
Have you ever seen any metroid that isn't a larva?
Raakone's avatar
Nice. Seems like a cross between insect and forest (it looks like it has a "tree" inside it) Love this!
Varia31's avatar
Creepy looking Metroid. I LIKE IT.
Bagu-Art's avatar
Is it weird that i want to hug it?
DooMGuy117's avatar
as long as you don't let it near your face it's not weird at all :P
ReBeLKiMy's avatar
this is great :D
DroneProbe's avatar
this looks like it belongs to the zerg in starcraft
Enderman99102's avatar
First thing I thought. :D (Big Grin) 
InvalidatedBroadcast's avatar
This is pretty cool! Wish there was some kind of background though, and I'd prefer if it was blue. But it's a really nice piece asides from that.
bsg57a's avatar
Great job! I love to see the more realistic renderings in the Metroid universe.
Scaley-Randy's avatar
Great job, are you going to do the other stages of the Metroid lifecycle (between this and Omega)? :)
rob-powell's avatar
I haven't decided yet, but I am considering it, would be interesting working on the other stages in this style...
Scaley-Randy's avatar
Indeed, I'm especially interested in seeing your take on the Gamma Metroid.
MetroidDatabase's avatar
Fantastic job, Rob!!!  Love all the artistic choices you made!  
ReginaldTheGolden's avatar
Excellent rendition.
Lussebullen85's avatar
Stunningly amazing detail quality
VoadorChama's avatar
Stunning detail! :wow: I am awe; this is the most complex picture of a Metroid that I have ever seen!
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