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twenty one turn hero

when i saw half minute hero on the psp, it triggered me and inspired me to make something like this for a boardgame,

after a long ponder, sketches and play testing, voila, here it is

21 turn hero! minigame

Defeat the sorcerer before turn end or the world perish!

ps: you only need 2 tokens and a pencil to play this game :D

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The expression on the Cactus King is AWESOME. :0!!

Hehe. This is a really fun game~
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I do hope that you have tried the game.
Thanks for playing :D

visit more of my (well my brother and some friend that is) game in :D
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YES a new game.
I always love your monsters man.
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Thank you :worship:

If you played it, please give feedback :D

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Hah! Now this is brilliant :)

Very well done!

(Since there's no luck involved, there's probably an optimal "path" through the game. Will be fun to work that one out^^ )
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maybe i should put scoring system like XP so that you would see how far u played the game before finishing it

i would like to see your feedback after playing the game though :D
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"Sweet deal. You should make more than one version of this board game."
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was thinking of making a zombie game before this but somehow it was hard. this one when thinking of it, flows like river :D

i might do another version, a multiplayer one, i guess :D
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wow this was such a fun game. I loved playing this. I died right before I got to the boss, but I will beat him next time...

I would love to see this done as a flash game :D
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i wish i know actionscript...

anyway, thanks for playing, try to think as though ure playing rpg, level grinding and all :D

good luck hero!
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