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The Weary Warrior

By Rob-Joseph
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A two hour speed painting I did last night, or should I saw this morning, when I couldn't sleep.  
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Glad you like it. 
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How much would you charge if I asked you to make a picture somewhat like this for my game because this looks amazing!
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Thanks so much for the compliment!  If you'de like to discuss a possible commission you can email me at  Thanks!
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Very atmospheric, great picture!
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Greetings! I made an account so I could write this.

I hope it's okay - I featured (or will feature, I'm still editing the story) your image (link included to your profile here) as a Featured Image for a short story I wrote. 

You can check it out at if you wish to make sure everything is as it should be.

Amazing work!

Rock on.

P.s I wrote the story before discovering this image, it's fascinating to me how your art accurately reflects how I imagined him in my head before I ever knew this piece existed. 
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Just out of curiosity: i read on your site that you're a freelance, but have you realized illustrations/concepts for books,visual novels or videogames?
I could say your style is very familiar...
Still compliments though.
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Amazing ,epic ,fantastic I could go on forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
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wish I was this productive when I cant sleep
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Thanks, I wish I could sleep lol. 
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Same lol. I just sit around and wait to sleep and it never happens. Than I look back and think "I could've done something in that time"
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