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SdKlf Variants

Awesome 3D models designed by:iconflaketom:

1) SdKlf 331/3 - Funk/Gefechtstand Läufer mit Kurbelmastantenne
2) SdKlf 351/16 - Infrarotscheinwerfer "UHU"
3) SdKlf 340/11 - 2,000L Kraftstofftransportläufer
4) SdKlf 331/5 - Instandsetzungs/Bergegerät

5) SdKlf 350/14 VII - 2x 2cm Flak 38 + 40cm Flakscheinwerfer
6) SdKlf 351/9 - 2cm Flak 38/2cm-KwK 38 Maschinenkanone
7) SdKlf 351/6 - 60cm Flakscheinwerfer
8) SdKlf 350/15 VII - Nachtjäger, 2cm Flak 38 /Infrarotscheinwerfer

9) SdKlf 331/4 - 2cm Kwk38 + MG34
10) SdKlf 351/8 II - 5cm Pak 40 Nachtjäger + IR Teleskop und Lampen
11) SdKlf 351/10 - 3,7cm PaK 36
12) SdKlf 351/13 - 15cm 33 Haubitze

13) SdKlf 350/15 III - 2cm Flammenwerfer
14) SdKlf 350/15 I - 2x MG34 + 3,7cm PaK 36
15) SdKlf 351/7 - 8cm Granatwerfer 34
16) SdKlf 351/1 II - Schützenkampfläufer Nachtjäger (4 Mann)

Special/Experimental Weapons
17) SdKlf 340/12 - Feldgenerator
18) SdKlf 350/15 VIII - ‘Nachtsturm’ Mk.IIIC Tesla Kanone + Infrarotscheinwerfer
19) Tesla Kanone, klein
20) SdKlf 350/15 VI - 6x Panzerschreck mit Trommelmagazin + 2X MG43

21) SdKlf 350/15 V - 60x 8cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer
22) SdKlf 350/15 IV - Stuka zu Fuss /Wurfrahmen 40
23) SdKlf 350/15 II - 2x MG34 + 4x Panzerfaust 150
24) SdKlf 340/14 - 15cm Panzerwerfer 43
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These are cool though I still like the panzer IV mechs best ;) my favorite is the flammenwerfer and panzerwerfer ones
Well, number 22 sure is a walking stuka.
Thatguyusaw's avatar
1 more thing, number 22 a those the same rockets the sturmtiger uses?
Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Nope. Sturmtiger rockets are huge. [link]

The little ones on #22 used to be fired from wooden crates on the sides of a SdKfs 251[link]
Thatguyusaw's avatar
oh the wufrahmen 40 wasn't it
Thatguyusaw's avatar
Just outta curiosity what would number 17 be able to do with the Felgenerator?
Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Supply power to a tesla weapon, a command center, long range radio, field garage, triage, etc...
Thatguyusaw's avatar
like before i love 10 and 12, but 6 and the last row are extremely awesome too! just an idea, i know the U.S. had made a few at willy's that had 2 bazooka's mounted instead of a machine gun could make one of these with a point above the legs that rotates and had 2 20mm on the sides and a double panzerfaust/panzerschreck mount where the mg 34 on top is
Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Not sure I follow. Suggestion appreciated, though.

So... 24 versions of this not enough for you. ;)
Thatguyusaw's avatar
trust me i see the need for the others just stuff that looks the best for my preferences, but about the turret like the one on 5 with the mg-34 replace with 2 panzerschrecks that would allow for better antitank while the 20mm could deal with aircraft and infantry you know, also grealty love your stuff hope i'm not being to critical
Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Totally OK, don't worry. I just didn't understand the suggestion at first. A double panzerschreck in place of MG34 would be cool. OR you could replace the spotlight w/ either the panzerfaust arm from #23 or the panzerschreck carousel from #20. (It's a bit hard to see against the camo). THAT would be a fun little mech to play with. A mini-do all menace. Probably small enough for air transport, or pop a couple on a flatbed trailer.

Your interest and comments much appreciated. :thumbsup: :D
Thatguyusaw's avatar
love this kinda stuff man! This is like :jawdrop: kinda stuff i wish i could make amazing!
Thatguyusaw's avatar
scratch the part about rotation above the legs i didn't notice that right away...
MrAverage's avatar
Very Yokoyama-esque. I dig it!

Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Kow is the man! Thanks. :thanks:
QU-RO-QURO's avatar
your gallery great! I love this design!
Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Thanks very much. Lots of help from :iconflaketom:
Scorpion451's avatar
6, 10, 12 18, 19, and 20 are all officially on my wish list.
Particularly 10 and 18.
Great variations off a single concept; and the presentation is great!
Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Thanks! Most of the credit goes to Tom for the brilliant modeling, but I did pour a few ridiculous hours into the presentation.
Another collab to be happy with. :D
GrimSheeper's avatar
I was about to say that none of these have any really big guns like the 8-8 Flak but then I saw the Tesla cannon...that's bound to leave a mark.
I like all the versatility the Sonderkampfläufer models have, makes it much much more believeable that this carrier-system has practical use unlike, you know, mechs just supposed to look cool.
Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Really big guns were intentionally left out, because this was envisioned more as an early-war mech, not big and strong/stable enough to pack something so large as an 88, or even a 75mm. It's tracked companions at the time of inception would be more along the lines of the panzer I and II. (a long way from the 88). All of the variants are an attempt to keep the production line relevant in lieu of later larger mechs that can be more easily up-gunned.

It makes sense that there will be some developmental stepping stones before arriving at the 88-slinging heavy mechs. Tigers weren't the first beasts out of the gate either.

Yeah, Tesla is one of the more hard-hitting options. It's big, but wouldn't have have the powerful recoil of an equally large solid ammo firing cannon.
The panzerschreck carousel was another experimental attempt to pack competitive killing power on a smaller frame.

Not to worry tho. Plenty of big daddies in the works! ;)
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