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Mandarin looks around in awe at the sheer beauty of the Arena.
Oshie glares around, "I thought it would be blue, not red." "The color doesn't matter Oshawatt, it's all about the action!" a large smile formed on Mandarin's face. Oshie scoffs and rolls his eyes. "Why is there so many Pokemon here?" "Becuase it's the Ultra Cup - One of the most intense things you put your body though - Pokemon have fainted and almost drowned in the water - It's the most popular thing since Pokeball's!!!" Mandarin said flawlessly panicking to fill his lungs with air. "Dude... calm down."

An Ominous shadow overcasts Mandarin. His smile fades.
"Looks like someones exited." A scratchy voice sounded from behind Mandarin. "M-M-Mandarin behind you," Oshawattt said quivering with fear, Mandarin slowly turned around to face the foes with a fearless smirk. "What makes you think you can talk me like that, Pikachu?"  Mandarin eye locked into Pikachu's. They didn't even move an itch. Mandarin knew him from a while ago, "Um, guys, The race is starting soon." Raijin faced away, "We'll finish this later, Mandarin..." "...Raijin." Mandarin said silently, watching Pikachu walk away. Mandarin turned around to face Oshawatt,
"Let's just watch the race already... It's about to start."

Clapping sounded from all around, everybody settled down into their positions. "Hurry it's about to start!" Mandarin shouted excitedly and he ran through the hustling crowd. Mandarin plopped on to the floor as well as Oshie by his side. "We made front row seats!"
The lights flicker off. Stage light shines in the darkness.  "Welcome Pokemon of all shapes and sizes of the Ultra Pokemon swimming Competition!" The stage lights centered on to an enthusiastic Venusaur. "I'm happy to have you all here today! Now I understand that there are some newcomers here to the show, so I'll explain the rules. But to spice it up I'll have some demonstration Pokemon to help you out to understand!" Mandarins face beamed with joy. "You really like this place don't you Mandarin?" "Of course I do!" Mandarin said bouncing up and down "I've been waiting so long for this it's a dream come true!" Oshie let out a smile "Seeing Mandarin smile will never get old," He said quietly.
"What was that Oshawatt?" "Nothing..."

Pokemon walk, squirm and waddle next to the swimming pool.   prepared for action.

3...2... 1... GO! The audience chanted with the announcer as the Pokemon leaps into the air.
RoasterTurkey Featured By Owner Edited May 9, 2018
Anyone who doesn't know Mandarin is a Charmander Oshie is an Oshawatt Raijin is a Pikachu and, yeah!
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