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Manga Studio 5 - Gouache Pack (04/01/2017 UPDATE)

Hey, here's an updated version of the Gouache pack. Enjoy!
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You are a hero. Thank You so much for these! <3 <3 <3

great brushes. thank youuu

Gracias por tu ayuda! Estoy buscando herramientas para potenciar mi trabajo. Gracias de nuevo!!😊😊

Just what I was looking for. Thank you very much !

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this is very useful, thank you so much! :love:

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Thank you for sharing! : )

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hank you for sharing. ^_^

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Thanks for sharing!

These are pretty awesome, thank for sharing!

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Thank you for these brushes :)

you saved my life

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Been greatly enjoying painting with your brushes - thank you so much for creating and sharing!

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Thank you for the set of brushes. It's very helpful :)

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Thank you! :0 It'll be fun to try these out!

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Is there an .abr version of these files?

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brushes are great! thanks!

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