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The :icondnya: account IS mine, I promise. :3 I'm not stealing from me!
This 'issue' was posted in a public space, un-moderated, and is thus open to anyone to comment on. Welcome to the internet.

You were rude, you continue to be rude. If you can't take someone calling you out, here's a tip: don't be rude.
I took a hell of a lot of shit out on you, and I'm sorry for that. Multiple people have IMed me on my personal, private AIM account telling me I'm stupid for leaving. You were a handy target for pent up anger, and you did accuse me of both stupidity and cowardice in one broad stroke, whether you "meant it" that way or not.

The thing is, I am not an ambassador for my "group" of people. I am not an activist. I appreciate everything actual ambassadors and activists for my cause have done, but I don't have the words, nor the patience, nor the sanity to be able to fight the big, idealistic battles. Day-to-day life is hard enough. Me staying and fighting the good fight is just not something I can do, not and stay sane and healthy.

My leaving might mean the big, bad boogums wins, but I don't really give a shit. DeviantArt isn't the only game in town. I have the option to take my ball and go play somewhere else. Somewhere the ToS is enforced fairly, where staff members don't spout hateful bullshit and then get away with it.
You know what.

Fuck you. Fuck you, and everyone who thinks everything is a-OK now. The problem isn't the option. Frankly, I don't give a fucking shit about the option, they're working on fixing that, good for them. Woop-de-fucking-DO.

But that doesn't change the fact that members of the staff here were rude, abusive and downright hostile towards a member of their community with a genuine concern. That is SHIT customer service, that's being a SHIT human being. The members of staff who erred have NOT BEEN REPRIMANDED, so far as I can tell. But it's okay now, because they added an 'other' option. FUCK THAT.

I fight every god-damn day to be considered a person. The entire world rates me worse than a dog when it comes to doling out rights. I could be beaten, murdered, or raped, and my attacker could very well walk, just because of what I am. That's my reality, and I can't escape that.

Art is an escape from real life. I really don't give a flying greased weasel what you think about my reasons for leaving. Deviantart is a clusterfuck. It will continue to be a clusterfuck, and complacent shitheads are what will keep them in business long after I'm gone.

But if you think I'm not fighting back? Consider this, and fucking pay attention. Until last week, I was a paid member. All of my roommates were paid members. That is four subscriptions that deviantart will no longer get. It isn't much, but it's a start and fighting with money is the only way to win when your opponent is a corporation.

So, so what if a few staff members said 'that stuff'? Try considering what it would be like if they'd said 'that stuff' about a part of your reality, something that was important to you and who you are. Now, think of me coming into your space and telling you that you're stupid for caring.

So seriously, fuck you.
Don't forget that they pulled this on Spirit Day, a day against the bullying of LGBT persons. They claimed to support the Spirit Day message, and then turned around and bullied an LGBT user with a valid concern rather than address their concern in a mature, rational manner.