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GraveRubyNew Deviant

This is so pretty! Very enchanting.

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snowfalcon-thulekaraProfessional Artisan Crafter

Really enchanted by this one. Ways to get a print?

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roastcementHobbyist Digital Artist

Glad to hear. I've opened up print options on it - would love to see how it turns out for you =)

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kyloinjediNew Deviant
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ButterkuegelchenHobbyist Digital Artist

wow :heart:

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:clap: Congrats

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MarinKoiStudent General Artist

Interesting how you can also look at it upside down

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KateBC20New Deviant

Wonderful picture. Calming ambience and the reflection in the ice looks just fantastic

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tomotokiHobbyist Traditional Artist

The scenery is beautiful

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xlntwtch Writer

That image of the "stag" in the ice is wonderful, and makes a very well-done DD! Congrats!

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I really like more than really love this <33

I'm in love with water reflections and deer :aww: :heart: so beautiful

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DarkragGirlStudent Artist

That is just so beautiful!

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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist

Yes indeedy, one must be cognizant of one's environment, (and never walk around in thick fog.. least we run into giant, man-eating deer ) :la: !!!

Very nicely done! :clap: !!!

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Sabretooth2611Hobbyist Digital Artist

The colors and the mood of this artwork are amazing!

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MiyukiLovettHobbyist Traditional Artist

beautiful...just beautiful:clap:

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JosephSingerStudent General Artist
Very very beautiful work! Love it! Also congrats on the DD!
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Tinselfire General Artist

I've never seen a deer do that before.

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RagamuffinRose Digital Artist

Congratulations on your DD! :clap: This is an elegant, beautifully executed piece :love:


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BriMerryHobbyist Digital Artist

Great job! This is really beautiful!

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CrookedBunnyHobbyist Traditional Artist

This is gorgeous dood

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