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Anna -.- Reference Sheet

Finally a new reference for Anna~♥ 

Yep, I changedhe ccolors and markings... I was seeing some domestic fox markings and found one that looked like her, the Mons Platinum Fox~

Then I decided to change her colors for a 100% natural one~♥ 

And I loved this drawing, unlike her old ref I haven't used refs for this one ewe 
Foxy enough for meee!

Anna belongs to RoaringFox 
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haha, she's really pretty : D
I like her eyes, and the design is really neat :>
RoaringFox's avatar
Thankies x3
I'm glad someone liked it huahahah I thought I messed it too much...
aroade's avatar
you're welcome!

it's okay
 /i make so many mistakes that at the end
 /it's just table flipping v.v
RoaringFox's avatar
I've been flipping
so many tables
you don't have a clue
aroade's avatar
aw man xD
as in, real life tables or just the angry feeling?
 I've always wanted to flip a legit table, but then I'll get into trouble. and then, there's the fact that there aren't any tables that are small enough for me to flip. v.v
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Late reply is late...
Nope, just the angry feeling huahahaha I wanted to flip a table, too, but mymother would kkill me x'D 
aroade's avatar
haha, take your time. we're all really busy :>
yeahhh, angry parents because of table flipping xD
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