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Persona Poster - Mitsuru



Mitsuru has to be my favorite character yet. She is just very well developed. I played Persona 4 Arena before Persona 3 and I can tell just from that game she is complex. She independent, strong, smart, and well rounded. She seems like she can do anything and is probably the best character to use in the game. However she also has worries and doubts along with the fact she tends to put the burden on her own shoulders even when it's not her fault. There aren't many female characters like this, but Persona has a lot of well written charcters.

- Yukari - Junpei - Akihiko - Fuuka
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I'm absolutely impressed La la la la 
I don't know anything about the persona-series, but this poster really caught my attention! 
It's powerful and very well executed!
I totally gotta stay tuned, all your works have been awesome up to now!
Keep it up! I am a dummy!