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Quick Sketches:

Headshot - $10

Fullbody - $35

Greyscale/Black & White Colored (One tone, with highlights/shadows)

Bust - $20

Waist - $40

Full body - $70

Colored (Multiple colors, lighting, etc)

Bust - $30

Waist - $50

Full body - $90


- Please send me a note with your request; be as detailed as possible, i.e., any references (especially if asking for an OC), poses, etc. In the case that these are lacking, I will do what I can using my artistic liberty and knowledge.
- Once a commission request is agreed upon, I will do a couple preliminary sketches and show them to you so you can input changes. Afterwards, the commission will not deviate significantly from these agreed changes.
- All payment will be via Paypal. If your commissions total greater than $100 I will need to ask for 50% deposit with the rest payable upon completion.
- I am open to most subject matter (as you may know if you're aware of my aliases) but I reserve the right to turn down certain things at my discretion. I love doing pin-ups!
- Files will be at least 11x17, 300 dpi.
- Please check out my gallery to get a feel of what I do. In general, I can do other things than what is posted here, as a lot of my work resides in other locations.
- Turnaround will be 1 - 2 weeks. I will contact you in case of any delays or unforeseen circumstances!
Just 28 days left on active duty...!
chuggin along.... i hate how "regular work" always gets in the way!

anyone see the coverage @ E3 for it?…
Will be streaming throughout the evening. Pop in and say watsup.


The legendary tome from LAVAPUNCH ~

With art from some of your  favorite dudes and dudettes!

and wow a lot of others i don't even know their dAs! Check the link for complete details!

BUY now and get free buttons!


there is much good shit to be into.

got DJ Hero 2 and it is pretty damn fun
if you play TF2, come around Lotus Payload Stocks West and get stabbed by me about 30 times a round

:iconcolour-dive: !! Colour-Dive coloring book project is out, coordinated by :icontonomurabix:

currently, :iconmosuga: is looking for work! Any type: illustration, design, print, web. She is highly capable and needs your support!


In perhaps a month or two, a new project I have been cooking up in spare time will drop. something in print form.


I am working on SKULLGIRLS as a clean-up artist! Plenty of cool vids and commentary have come out recently, check it out, tell people etc  SKUL…  REV… LABS


SO I've been in KOREA missing out on many nerd happenings, but getting swerved in Hongdae, Myoung-dong, Sukdae, Sinchon, etc. etc. and basically ate my way across much of the peninsula there is nothing you can teach me new about Korean food NOTHING. test me

jk i didn't try boshintang or live octo yet (not going to).

speaking korean really helped with this! i had a swell time but missed the good ol US for sure.


who the hell plays mvc3?

what do you think of it????

I am already fiercely opposed to it due to how ugly as shit it looks.
supsss i have been in korea since like 20th Feb and will be here until 12th March!…

I'm doing one of the exercises mentioned here! Having a pretty sweet time. When I'm back it's back to work on SG stuff~
kotaku press release…

i'm on the SG team contributing to the war effort! make sure you follow this closely! shit is getting REAL
got another pixiv ranking ;D;/

あなたの作品が2010年12月06日付の漫画R-18デイリーランキング 87 位に入りました!

but it's for dirty stuff hah
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Happy post-Thanksgiving~

Monica made a beautiful stuffed pumpkin and I fixed a duck. In addition, good ol baked mac n cheese and brussel sprouts with pecorino made an appearance.

also drank a whole bottle of wine SO was quite sated.

hope everyone spent it with special people :>
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lolsup china was cool but stinky and people spit everywhere. this is in Shanghai downtown so bad on country people. got a suit made, went to huangshan, hot springs, yeuh
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damn it is still hot in AZ :0~ still 100+ every day

and i still neglect to scan / finish things... ah well soon they'll be up

going on a trip in a couple weeks to Shanghai~
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@ Exhibitor table C06!

better check it!
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streaming for a lil bit now~
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we were at con-nichiwa, tucson this weekend!

did sorta OK ! wish we had more business!

but met cool people!

livestream rite now
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doin some drawin off n on tonight! check it out?
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broadcasting now on livestream:

i'm gonna try to do it regularly!
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playin MW2 and TF2 lots lol damn
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