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Roadioarts Collection Book

finally here's my first book published.

Available online [link]

hope you will like it:)
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Mao niay ni emo engun ganina? Paytera.. Simply cool bai. Ayusa kay naa naman libro.
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Great work brother , good choice for the cover . great!
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Congratulations :)
It looks fantastic :)
... I wonder if I see it in my country... -.-
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Congratulations! It looks super cool :heart:
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what brilliant news x
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Congrats man, looks awesome!
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i love it

i will be very interested if u made a tutorial of the cover :heart:
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g'day Rodrigo ... I think the book is gonna be great, but I really do believe you need to inc. some text, for example, the titles of the images, and/or inc. a small paragraph, or couple of sentences "about" the image, or use some excerpted/copied lines from relevant poem or quote, to compliment your wonderful images. I've been following your art for quite a long time now, so I hope you find this suggestion as useful, and not a criticism. Good luck, and all the best :thumbsup:
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thanks a lot for the suggestion, the offer was really unexpected, i lay out that just a short period of time and my friends are also suggesting that way but the book itself is a collection, hmmm... i leave that way though...although there's a credit page in the first few pages..anyway, thank's for support and i hope you will continue doing so..:)
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