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Fuck whatever I said before... Ro4le have unfinished pictures-stashed pictures and new traditional stuff
Im gonna start submitting on some Weekly Shedule back
+ theres 18+ Drawings of me- just googlw RoyHaynner XXX - I have Whentai and Hentai-foundry Account... My Tumbrl didnt survived the Purge and Patreon... lost cause

Btw Starting with some Undyne concept art, durring weekend Ill submit if I get permission-two hot chicks commision
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Chained Amazon Colored by UltraFighter3000
Commision of lieneart he coloured in... and He nailed it
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Okay, I trully wanted to end Ro4le... and kinda do only mature work (whentai, Hentai-foundry...) but I dont like that much these sites, and right now Im drawing SFW bunny picture(of course its girl with animal ears but thats not the point)

My reason for whole that thing was:
1. Decreasing number of faves-loosing watchers and simply loosing motivation(its pretty bad feeling getting better at drawing and still being under old shitty art)
2. Mess in my pictures- why the fuck I even started stashing pictures? 
3. Insane amount of unfinished pictures from last 3 years- theres nearly 1000 of sai files in my pc... I wanna delete them all, but that would be waste and I cant get myself to really return to them
4. I thought 18+ drawings are my way- but even hardcore metal bands make some Balad songs once in while(and Im geting sick of trying to draw genitals and sperm to look ... dunno dont wanna inish this sentence)

So what Im gonna do:
1.Restart whole deviant art page- new me(Im doing the same with RoyHaynner alter ego- when I started with that I wanted to have there the over the top ero maniac Gimmick- not funny)
2. Clean my fucking stash as fast as possible
3. Finnsh at least 2 old pictures in month

What I wanna do
1.Start Commisions- Ive did few 18+ ones and made about 150 USD- I wanna make budget for new tablet and even tho I dont exactly need to start taking them on deviant art too, I think I shall make the offer there too (and cuz I dont need it for living I can be as cheap as possible)
2. Sken and start posting traditional stuff too

Dunno how long would it take- but Ro4le didnt died and now its time to rise from my own Ashes, and just have freaking fun with my art again
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So let me just make list

I wrote there some girls from games (that I have next to me) I will draw characters from first and second place : 

14 deviants said Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) (not started)
9 deviants said Black Cat (Spiderman web of shadows) (WIP)
5 deviants said Momiji (NINJA GAIDEN 3 : RAZORS EDGE) (Done twice) 

Pick one of these Kids show girls ( Info for previous pools: ) 

13 deviants said KIM POSSIBLE (DONE)
11 deviants said JESSIE (pokemon) (NOT STARTED YET)
8 deviants said FRANKIE (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends) (DONE)
8 deviants said GWEN (Ben 10) (WIP)

Favoritev Overwatch character? 

13 deviants said Tracer (LINEART DONE)
13 deviants said Mei (DONE)
8 deviants said Sombra (WIP)

Okay last days of me being core(two weeks probably), so I want you to pick some fandom characters that ill draw throught summer... 

12 deviants said Mlp characters
10 deviants said Pokemon girls - Jessie, Misty, Nurse, Dawn
9 deviants said Monster musume girls
8 deviants said Disney Princess
7 deviants said Kids tv Shows - Daphne and Velma, Smurfette, Gwen of Ben 10, Power puff Girls
6 deviants said Female and genderbended Fast food mascots
5 deviants said Naruto Girls- Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari, Hinata
5 deviants said Superheroes - Power girl, Spider Woman, Black Cannary, Electra
2 deviants said Futurama and Simpsons girls DONË
2 deviants said H girls- Taimanin asagi, Prison battleship, Shion(black lilith) DONE
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Well f*ck... I've never wanted to get down like this and make status updates, or Journals about how someone hurt my little heart... Like I'm crying guys- I'm broken inside...
*Okay enough of this joke, someone could think that I'm being serious XD

What's going on? I've worked on At for "child(dunno if he's really a child, but he just acted like that)"... like that character design was soo simple and boring, I wanted to edit to- change it to something serious(that I wouldn't draw in less than the hour)
But he had a problem with that... and in the end, he stopped answering me :( 
So I gave him ultimatum like A) finish the AT
  B) Give him the line to colour it
  C) Change her into my OC (like really redraw the whole character)

And He was like "try it and I'll report you... Dump it or give me it for problems that you made...)
Well for longer time he tried to force me to give him the Lineart for free and also He treated me with report, then made status how big art thief I am, and that "give me the lineart or I'll report you for drawing my character, like force me into giving him at for free- he didn't drawn anything to me (honestly I've wanted to recyclate my picture and don't waste it, also I've changed her a lot, Like I could upload it now and call it a new character cuz only similar thing there are colors and armour...) 
NOW he blocked me and as a core member, I can see that he's still on my profile... Like Really Nigga? XD (or should I say Really N-word?)

Well, in the end, Ill change her a little, by some famous elves(like "base her on them" but keep her as similar as possible) just because of his acting...
I know its a dick move, but... Well does anybody understand me, Like do you get my point?
Ill take my time and do this Vendetta, just because he tried to rob me, he tried to make me stupid, force me into Free picture for him, that's not cool man :)

Also I hope next Ats will be nice, I don't want that drama again
Have nice day folks and be carefull, cuz even when you acting nice- you can meet some douchebag that will just destroy your mood destroy your day and will try to steal your hard work
Im not saying his name, cuz I dont want to bring hate to him... Just dont let anybody gets to you, smile and beat him up with your experience and good mood

Whole this Journal is part of this "revenge," I want to tell you why Ill be doing that picture, my reasons for that

Have nice day folks, 
Be careful who are you talking to, like some peoples are nice to you because they want something from you

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