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Gamefucks: Pokemans

Enjoy! ;)
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lol this happens ALL THE TIME TO MEH!! lmao!!
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There is an entire thread of this comic on reddit [link]
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WOOW!! Amanzing, thanks for the link!
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oh man, so freakin' true! This made me lol so much!! XD
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wajakjakjak thanks dude!
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a quien no le a pasado XDXDXD muy bueno XDXD
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Que grande y que cierto xDD ¡¡Muy Bueno!!
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A wild Tree appeared!

Trainer sent out Knife!

Knife used Cut!

It's Super Effective!

Tree fainted!

Trainer won Logs!
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this should be in #pokedorks gallary it would bring a smile to many fans
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i always did wonder why you couldn't get passed those things...
Maybe he's allergic?
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its soo true
i get mad cause he cant just break it down or go AROUND it XP
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yeah, you can defeat a 5 meters fire dragon with a fish but you can´t go arround a plant....How I could love that f*cking game? ;) (thanks for the fav)
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