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Winsor-Newton Color Swatches

By rnbluvva
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Please favorite this deviation, or leave a comment, and I would LOVE to see what you make with the colors!

These are .ACO Color Swatches for Photoshop. (Created in Photoshop CS2, not sure if they work in older versions)

These 6 palettes were taken from the Winsor Newton web site PDFs and created into convienient PS swatches for you!

The following Swatches are included:

Artists Acrylic Color 128
Artists Oil 256
Artists Soft Pastels 224
Drawing Calligraphy Inks 64
Galaria Acrylic Color 64
Water Mixable Oil 64


Unzip the files into your Photoshop/Presets/Color Swatches FOLDER

When you open Photoshop you can load the swatches in by following these steps:

1.) Go to: WINDOW/SWATCHES to bring up the Swatches Pallete
2.) CLICK on the Small Arrow on the RIGHT of the Pallete
3.) SELECT Swatch of Choice from the Drop down list OR Select the "Replace Swatches" Option and select the Swatch of choice.

I hope these are helpful to you in your art work.

If you are not using Photoshop, I have included JPEG screenshots of the swatches, so you can sample the color and make your own swatches for whatever Image Editing program you use.


Feel free to use these swatches and redistribute the zip file with the .txt file IN TACT
If you would like to link back to me, you can at [link] :)


PS There are 2 nice surprise bonuses in there for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think!
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Thank you so much!! These are great!
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Hello!  Wow, you are a WONDERFUL singer!  Oh my goodness, I just LOVE your song In My Dreams!  I have listened to it several times in a row!  Thank you for including two of your wonderful songs with these fabulous colour swatches from Winsor & Newton!  
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Thank you! I am so glad you enjoy them! I have lots more songs at iTunes and YouTube so feel free to find me over there anytime to listen to more :)
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is this file still available?
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Thanks for this! I'm gonna try to use this for my vectoring :D
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Thank you very much.
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They are so awesome!
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/hi thank for the swatches they r great. Could you post a link the original oil WN pdf. I'd love to see what oil paint each swatch represents. Thanks again.
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Thank you this is so cool of you to do something like this. Can't wait to try.
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Thank you! It's exactly what I was looking for!
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Thanks a lot!
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Definitely using the Galaria Colors for the landscapes in my illustrations...

I like to create the look of traditional watercolors using Photoshop and Corel Painter (:iconelspethmac: has a set of W&N watercolor swatches for that program as well: [link]). For an authentic effect, I add a watercolor paper texture to a layer set to Overlay.

I also found a useful tip for "mixing" colors in Photoshop here: [link]
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Can you please tell me the #ffffff for a blood colour.
Also what is the #fffff thing called?
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Blood can be all sorts of shades. Your best bet is to go to a site like [link] and go to the Gallery (sign up first) and type in blood. You can then sample those colors with a color picker to get the color you want.
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Thanks very much for these :D I was looking for just this
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THANK YOU! i've been looking high and low for some actual "paint" swatches! can't wait to use these!
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Show me what you made with them!
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This is wonderful. Thank you.
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You are welcome! Let me see what you create with them!
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merci bcp
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hooray, more swatchy things ^^
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