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LPS - Preview -Mean isn't your Color-

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Well, it took way longer than I thought (you can thank whatever east-coast winter virus that's decided to make it's holiday rounds for that), but I've finally got the preview pic for Episode 6 up and running.

Once again, my apologies for how sketchy and unpolished this one is, when you've got all that acetaminophen (Tylenol) running through you, you don't really pay attention as much as you should to some things.

Anything shared below this point is pure speculation based off of information teased over various websites and videos, and may very well be completely false.

Episode 6, 'Mean isn't your Color' deals with Blythe's dad Roger going on a date (my bet is that it's with Mrs. Twombly) and Blythe not taking the fact very well, possibly influencing her design for Penny Ling's new outfit.

Meanwhile, the Pet Shop pets get to go to the mall for a big charity event, only for Penny Ling to get fleas at the last minute and force her to stay at the pet shop. Needless to say, she doesn't take this very well either, especially when combined with her utter displeasure at the design Blythe has chosen for her new outfit.

But then, I suppose you all will find out on Saturday! Lemme know how good the episode is once it airs in the comments!
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NoIDAvaliableHobbyist Digital Artist
Vinnie: Don't worry guys i'll talk to her.
Vinnie walks to the back of the couch to talk to Penny Ling.
Russell: Should we go with him?
Me: Nah let's go.
Sunil: Are you sure cause-
Me: I said "LET'S GO"! Geez! Faster!!
 They all ran while Vinnie was in pain.
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BubblegumBeatsHobbyist Digital Artist
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I love this scene, awesome job.
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Hatchetstein4RealHobbyist Artist
Sounds she's just turned, just like one time that happened to Fluttershy!
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mind if i use this for my webcam?
rmsaun98722's avatar
By all means! Thanks for asking first, though! Not a lot of people are that courteous nowadays...
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EveryKindOfCelestiaHobbyist Digital Artist
why is sunil a head with arms and a tail
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Because he has pantophobia and that is his normal pose.
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YamiNo-NekoHobbyist Traditional Artist
He's supposed to be cowering in terror. Y'know, 'cause Penny's on a rampage, and all.
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He's got a body, it's just hidden behind his head. That kind of happens when you curl up into a ball.
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koopaparatroopa1924Hobbyist Artist
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jeepers6Student Artist
Blythe's dad wants to go on a date with Blythe, you know, a father daughter thing, Penny Ling is upset about the outfit not anything else, and yeah.

Hope this helps!
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All in all, I was really pleased with how the episode turned out. I just wish we could've seen Penny wearing the outfit before the episode was over!
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jeepers6Student Artist
I know right!
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arlos411Professional Artist
another like the english and Japanese would say, "Next Time, Littlest Pet Shop, Mean isn't your Color. what new adventure is waiting?" (英語と日本語、と言うだろうのような別の"次の時間は、最も小さいペットショップでは、平均があなたの色ではありません。どんな新しい冒険が待っている?")
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ThatWyGuyOnTheRight Filmographer
I think the fleas were just Russel's guess. It's just the trench-coat. What do I mean?
Clip! [link] Your answer.
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Yeah, I'm gonna fix that as soon as I can. Thanks for the link, I've subscribed so that I can see those previews as soon as they're up!
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ThatWyGuyOnTheRight Filmographer
That's great! Can you Draw Blythe and her human friends?
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I'm not so good at drawing humans, but then I'll see if I can give it a shot.
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ThatWyGuyOnTheRight Filmographer
Ok! Good Luck! :D Seen my pics of Penny with the mask?
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Ooh my! 0.0 Penny be SCARY!
rmsaun98722's avatar
You ever seen a pissed-off panda? You bet they can be scary!
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