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The Fire Burns in My Heart

Yes, let's admit it. It's true. I am in love with a machine, and this representation of my OC is the best yet.

But, in reality, I do find certain warships extremely attractive, and their gunfire sexy.  I'm a weirdie...
Don't hate me too much... please.

Stocks Used~

Rope fence by TinaLouiseUk <---> TinaLouiseUk
 GIMP Flying Birds Brushes by Project-GimpBC  STORM AT SEA BG STOCK IX by ArwenArts

All other color effects and changes were painted in by me.
PNG Representation of HMS Tempestuous:
Real-Life Version of HMS Tempestuous by RMS-OLYMPIC
Not Free for Re-Use~
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A) How the hell did I miss this!?!?

B) You're not the only one in love with a warship... HMS Hood is just beautiful.

C) Excellent work, as always!
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
A) I think I uploaded it before you watched me. :D

B) Believe me, that makes me glad! Hood is an incredibly amazing looking vessel!

C) That's too kind, thank you!
AdmiralMichalis's avatar
Honestly, given Hood's specifications - Her speed, her agility, her armament, and yet her light armor (not to mention fiercely British) - What kind of personality she would have were she human.
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
You know, I do wonder. I imagine she would be a tough sort, but a lady as well. She was an incredibly elegant ship.
AdmiralMichalis's avatar
She sounds my type.  XD
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
I like the sound of it, too. :D
AdmiralMichalis's avatar
Again, my one true love is hopelessly at the bottom of the Denmark Strait... Still a better love story than Twilight though.  XD
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
A sad fate...

It doesn't take much for anything to be better than that! XD
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Wonderful work! Thank you so much for using my stock :) x
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
You're welcome!
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Full of drama.  Nod 
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Hey. I have a connection to ships, and I think planes as well! :XD: So you're not the only one! :)
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Wow.. Tempest looks awesome there! I don't see how anyone could hate you for loving a ship, I think even I reached that point a while ago.
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
Why, thank you!!!

It feels weird and guilty, loving a ship... but I have for a year now.

I still enjoy you too though, do remember.
121199's avatar
Of course!! I had feelings for SS United States at one stage, felt kinda weird though.
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
Really? My god, I thought I was the only one romantically attracted to a ship!!

Tell me more about that.
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There's not much to tell, when I saw her I wanted with all my heart to actually meet her, seems I wasn't the only one who loved her though. Over the years I lost hope in visiting her and instead remained in Australia with HMAS Castlemain and Polly Woodside. Then I started talking to you and hear we are.
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
Here we are indeed, and I am quite the muddled sort!! :D

Don't lose complete hope, you may be able to see her yet. There's still the future. She's still around.

It's like, the closest I have to Tempestuous is HMS Hood, whom I love deeply too, but then, where's that ship? On the seafloor. I'll never see it...
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True, she is still around, for now at least.. You should visit USS Texas or HMS Caroline. Caroline is the only surviving ship from the battle of Jutland and Texas fought in both world wars. Neither of them are tempestuous but its about as close as you can get to him..
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
Hmm... I suppose that's a thought.
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One to their own :) after hearing a theory that Human's,Animals and metals have a similar life force i am now neutral on things like this :)
RMS-OLYMPIC's avatar
Thank you!

Yes, I guess there's worse things to like! ;p
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