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Windows 9 Single Mark 4 (build 1830)

By RMNSkin

       Windows 9 Single the first a impressive skin in Rainmeter are now available for use !
 Windows 9 Single are now best ever skin in rainmeter customization software's Because this skin are recommended
GK Industries for Microsoft and any other Windows Concept. now this time 22 Websites showing and Recommended this skin concept in other blogs.

   Get new Information and Next Updates Logon: (Official Site)

Ashish Saini "Hey Friends" this is Ashish Saini The Designer & developer of this skin. I have great Design for you they will be make your desktop Amazing. now use this skin and tell me your experience I will share all ".

Using Method This Skin :- Go to Website and Download Rainmeter Software and Install it to Portable version. Then Go to Your drive c:/ and open Rainmeter folder, now open Rainmeter Skin Installer then search where you download Windows 9 Single file and install it and Surprise its on your Desktop.

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CEO of GK Industries.

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how can i change the pm/am to 24h ?
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...How do i download This?
SpAcEmOnKeY126's avatar
seems to be a problem with the date number, it overlaps with the name of days like Wednesday. the date number will be sitting ontop of the wednes"da"y and look weird
What about the Desktop background? It would be a nice touch to have :)..
How do you change the weather? I'm Not from LA
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How can i download this plzz
akee505's avatar
how to download this plz
ghostgamer9's avatar
how do i download it
That very Awesome Clap 
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I look forward to the "whats-app" extension.
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Umm.. how to install? Kinda confused.. is there any video that can help me? Please
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Windows 9.1 premier is coming soon just logon :-
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it's good idea, i love this design
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thnks we will include upadte of this skin in few days !
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thank you so much
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Please add a link to the weather icons to the description. They are distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License.…
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weather icon are added to windows lumia icon
MerlinTheRed's avatar
Sorry, but I don't understand what you are saying. The weather icons are clearly the ones from my gallery. If you want to use them, you have to give proper credit, e.g. by adding a link to the description.
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