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Welcome to the Black Moon Clan

By rmmr111
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As you may know, Well have sailor moon again i the winteeeer!

So I decided to make a wallpaper with villains in it...
Because there's not enough of those and honestly, villains [b][i]kick ass[/i][/b] and are one of the reasons I love Bishojo senshi Sailor Moon so much.
For some reason I never seem to find any cool wallpapers regarding the second season villains (the Black moon Clan), in oposing to all the other bad guys groups which are featured in lots and lots of different wallpapers (I can't even count the number of times I've seen mistress 9 as a theme).
As I looked further and further into the imagery I found, I decided to literally vector them all by scratch, using some different scans and some nakayoshi magazines material as reference, and heres how It got(download to watch in full resolution, I promise you'll like it... I hope?).

[i]-Where is Black lady? why isn't she amongst them?[/i]
- Black Lady isn't a part of the black moon clan. she's just a brainwashed chibiusa who was dumb enough to be manipulated by wiseman. So.... no Black lady here.
[i]- Why choose wiseman as the main figure to the wallpaper?[/i]
- He's literally the boss of the all thing, and he's controlling the rest of the clan, as I tried to make clear with the whole placing.
[i]-Why is the spaceship insid his cloak?[/i]
-Well.... because.... Ahm.... starships where meant to flyyyyyyyyy!!!!

And that's all y'all

(Oh God I should ease on the sugar)
Hope you like it and stuff ;)
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WOW! Beautiful Calaveras's Hip! I wanna touch that...
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Porque é que eu não vi este wallpaper antes?!?!?! >.>

Anyway, if that's the only reason why you didn't draw Black Lady, I don't agree with you. =X All of them were manipulated by Wiseman, it wasn't just Chibiusa. All Diamond wanted was get back to Earth, all Sapphire wanted was to be with is brother, all Emerald wanted was to have Diamond's love, all 3 of the 4 sisters wanted was Rubi's love, the other one wanted Sapphire's love, all Chibiusa wanted was to feel loved by everyone like her mother. The only member of the clan who didn't get clear about why he was doing what he was doing was Rubi. The ambitions and desires of each one of them were extremely intensified and manipulated by Wiseman. But Chibiusa was the only one we saw joining them. =P
I think you should draw her too and join her the others. xD And she's the sweetest enemy from the Black Moon Clan.

Still, as always... The wallpaper ended up really nice. *.*
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really nice work with layout and placement :) very well done