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-Cold Revelation-


So this is a concept scene for a future game project.

Visari Entertainment [link]

Im very satisfied with this :D

"In a distance star system, long time excluded from the colonization and reseach program, relies some of the most important discoverys of the history of mankind. Beside the rare fact of a small gas planet orbiting a larger gas planet, a small blue dot hides behind the two titans. It was thought that the first contact bettwen humans an another inteligent alien species has been finaly, after all these years searching, established... But maybe they werent so aliens after all..."

3ds max for the gas and the earth-like planet

photoshop cs3 for the rest

I hope you all like it as much as i do :D
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im speechless. amaze.
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Great Work .. :-) ..
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This is absolutley amazing man. Truly jealous. The aurora on the top is awesome.
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awesome :) thanks alot
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God this is so damn cool!
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thanks alot man :)
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You're most welcome! :D
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This has been featured here [link]
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well done ;). wondering you have just 10 favs
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have a few more by now XD thanks alot man
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I only a few days ago menioned to someone about the possibility of a small gas giant orbiting a bigger one (I actually got it from the most unlikely source - the Crash Nitro Kart game :lmao:) the two main planets especially look fantastic :clap:
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awesome man looks like we are sincronized :P
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Glad we are thinking on the same wave length mate :P sorry I haven't gotten back to your email, I shall do that today! :D
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This looks great, hopefully your game will be a success :D
i also want to be a game creator, but i will have to get better on my artist skills first along with my 3d skills
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thanks alot man, but im not the game creator :P im just one of the conceptual artists. Fight for it man!! good luck and thanks again :D
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thanks, you're very good for a conceptual artist :D
good luck to you too
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