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Kick Swingin' Like I'm Bruce Lee- commission (2/2)

By RMcreeps
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Final commission for :iconbonjolasermaster: !
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Looks kinda like she could be a Digimon.

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Interesting thought.

She started out as a Sonic-style character, but I’ve let artists put a more anthro spin on her and other characters.

It‘s not entirely out of the realm of possibility when you consider that there have been characters with gun arms like RizeGreymon and MetalGarurumon X. But she’s much smaller than either of them (albeit definitely bigger than Gargomon).

Now you’ve made me want an anime-style battle still of her o_0

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Wow, and Gargomon's pretty chunky.

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NCT 127. That was a good M/V. Managed to do a lot with 3 apparent set pieces, and the obvious yellow motifs was a cool draw. I’m already a foot into K-pop thanks to my brother who’s actively doing the dances, but I think you’re going to drive me even further (I think I’m okay with that!)

Well. Dude. For real? I really, really like her in your style. Your head anatomy really works for her. For being a reference-style image, I do appreciate the perspective with enlarging her weapons/arms and the dynamic touch you gave her. As if someone with her power couldn’t be contained to a static pose :P The way her torso is split with those v-curves, plus turning that gold band into a v-shape was a cool call. Ooh, and I really like what you did with the tailpiece. Think I’ll keep that. For real, good moves.

Thank you for your amazing work on another two characters. I know it’s likely to be a long time, but I bet I’ll be rushing back for another commission set if that time comes and if you allow :)

With that lyric in my head, now I kind of want to see her doing a roundhouse kick-and-shooting combo someday...

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RMcreepsHobbyist Digital Artist

Eyyy! Someone who knows the reference at last!

It was my pleasure to draw your characters again man! Thank you for all the compliments, they mean a lot! Hopefully I can see you again in the next batch!