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Low Poly Valley

Rendered in Cinema 4d post in Photoshop
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would you by chance be able to recreate that water in this type of an area
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This is amazing. I'm currently working on a low poly too, I thought it looked cool but now that I see this, I know how much I can improve. Hope I'll reach this level one day.
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Wow! Underwater objects look so nice.
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Please, make a tutorial!, that is fucking awesome!
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love this as fuck! nice job mate :)
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I really luv this. Would you mind explaining how you did the water? Is it a transparent material? And the rocks on the bottom of the pond, are these children objects of the water object? Again I luv it.
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Thanks for liking. The water is a transparent material that reflects the sky. The rocks are cloned on to the terrain plain. I want to add more interest to the composition when I have time.

This is so good! Makes my paper egg look pathetic - although I am a beginner ha!
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Saw your post on GSG. Very nice job! If anything, I would lighten up the rocks in some way...
And have you tried the water with a non translucent texture? The water seems too cluttered and complicated with all of the rocks/shadows.
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Thanks MangoTango for the feedback and critique!
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