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ok, so I love AKIRA!  I wanted to do something for this cultural icon for a long time.  But what i really wanted to do was something that showed the world of AKIRA that the manga highlighted.  so here is my piece, it does not have every character, but it has my favorite ones.  enjoy
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Beaut! This would be a sick animated series
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Thanks folks

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impresionante! un estilo precioso! Gracias

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Amazing scene and characters!
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Hey Dusty, thanks so much this was a true labor of love.  
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DAMMMMN...........That might be my favorite thing you've ever drawn dude, you got all the greatest moments represented in such a clear concise way, so much going on but it all just flows in and put perfectly, great composition man, love this art!
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This is AMAZING work!
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An amazing tribute to Akira. Much like the movie, it's incredible how much detail & life you've managed to squeeze in, despite such a small frame. Beautiful work.
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those 3 girls are lady miyakos psychic helpers
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It's my favourite anime film of all time!
I so cool, man it's amazing how you captured everything about it!
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so i get that this is based of the manga since i see Chiyoko is there, but i dont remember who the 3 kids in the upper right corner are
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This brings me great memories. AWESOME work you did here!
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Amazing Work!!
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I always liked that crazy, praying nun.
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Majestic and terrifyingly awesome! Bravo!
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This is incredible! huge fan of the movie as well!
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Thanks you to make a great illustration about the greatest Seinen of all time
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