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Hello all!  :D

All brush sets are created in Photoshop 7 - sorry everyone, it's the only one I own!  Will update as soon as I can, promise!  :)  EDIT:  I now have CS2 as well, so will try to start making them in both formats.  

On to the legalities:

Permission is granted to all and sundry to use my brushes in ANY way/shape/form (with the exclusion of redistribution under any other name than mine) without having to check back with me.  This includes commercial use - with the only brush set exclusions being my exclusive tat designs (which are named RedLillith in the title).  Otherwise, just have fun with them!  And if possible, link back so others know where to go, and maybe a note to me so I can see how they've been used?  That would be rather nice!  :D

PRIMARY ACCT:   :iconredlillith:
Stock acct:   :iconredl-stock:

PS:  I am more than happy to fill requests, just note me!  :D  make sure to note me with your brush requests, as opposed to posting on my main page, as those will get lost usually before I even see them.  Any and all requests will be posted on my secure loader site, with a dl link for the requester - have gotten wayyyy over all the idiotic abuses.

PPS:  I have disabled the comment function for nearly all of the brushes (yay!  no more pressure!!) . . .. no comments are necessary, I don't require them.  links back and heads-up are nice though!  enjoy!  :D

Many many apologies to many here for my silence this year - my mother had a severe stroke last January which turned my whole world upside down and inside out.  I haven't been inactive, just sans internet till this week.  ;)  There are a great many changes to this account, namely a huge amount of brush sets re-located to another site, one I have complete control over. The only sets that will be found here now are the ones I choose to share without reservation. I have gotten tired of the tedious online searches for copyright infringement/abuses/distribution etc over the last few years. I will be posting the new site location asap, and am grateful to all who still seek me out.  


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Hello and thank you for making available such a wonderful brush set. I work for an online blog called CAREEREALISM ([link]) and I had used your pixie dust trails brush set in our new ad campaign for a new contest we're launching called Facebook Career Fairy. Here is the link to our Facebook page with the Career Fairy Picture with your brushes and links to the youtube videos featuring the same picture.

It was my own fault for not checking the licensing before posting these and if you do not approve I can take them down no problem. I was hopping to get your approval for use now and in the future just for this picture. We are using it commercially but as of now it is not for profit since we are a free career advice blog.

You can also contact me via email at

Thank you for your time and resources.


Lindsay Robinson
Video Content Producer of

Hi, I was just wondering,
do you have to have photoshop to use these brushes, or can you use them without it?
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you have to have Photoshop 7 or more recent, which is why they are in this category. sorry!
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i heard photoshop brushes work in gimp too. do you know how to open them in there?
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I've been told that too, but have no idea how it works! since I have gimp, I should most likely investigate! maybe someone has posted a tutorial here? hmmm . . ..
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here try this video see if it helps :3

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bummer! I waited to long to try the link and now it doesn't work! >_< thanks anyways. :hug:
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what did you want to learn again?
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how to transfer my brushes to gimp! but have since tinkered and figured it out. ;)
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ohhh ok :3 how many brushs can gimp hold at a time? it seems when i down load alot. only like 40 are actually avalible
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I am not sure! will have to check with my genius friend who only uses that program . . :)
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how do you use them!!!!!!!
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hi, i've downloaded your brushes and they actually work on gimp.. thank you <333333
These brushes are beautiful.. Unusual works well for me... TYSVM for your generosity.

Hugs Kc
You have an amazing set of brushes. Thank you for your generosity in sharing them!
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awww . . :blush: thank you for saying that! ^_^
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:iconkunoichi-san: and :iconred-priest-usada: are Polish. They maybe busy but you could ask.
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I am not 100% certain but maybe *DojiArai :icondojiarai: may help you. I think he is from Poland. A great traditional artist :D
Good luck with the "hunt" :blowkiss:
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oh, thanks hun! will see what he says . . I only need translations . . I will do the rest. >_< damned rippers anyway . . .
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Hope he will help you. Good luck in the "hunt" :hug: :blowkiss:
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I hope so as well! thanks hun! :hug:
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You are welcome :blowkiss: :heart:
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