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Pixie Dust Trails brushes

By rL-Brushes
for because she asked nicely . . . and I hope it's what she was looking for! if not . . . I'll look some more! :D

*see journal for usages*


EDIT: wow . . I am floored by the popularity of these! and to think, I only made them for myself to enhance some of my specialty portraiture work! thanks to everyone who dl'd these, uses them and shares their art with me! :D

And as a service for everyone who seems to really like this type of brush set, here are the other similar sets I currently offer ~

Pixie Dust Trails 2 - [link]
Elven Magic - [link]
Angel Dust - [link]
Faerie Dust - [link]

:D Expect more . .. there are 5 more similar sets in the making!
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