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For Emily

hello all! :D

I know I've been absent for a long time, but rumors of my demise are very false! this being a grandmother thing is really hard work. :faint: other than that, I have just finished up 15 books (12 different styles) of henna patterns . . yeah, major headache that. post work is a real pain I've decided.

long story short . . *snickers* here is a gift for all of my long time watchers and friends who continually inspire and encourage me. hope you can find a use for this set! it is inspired by my second fave movie of all time, the Corpse Bride. Burton took one of my favorite ghost stories and made it a very fun movie . . one I never tire of. none of the designs from here are directly from the movie (I'm nowhere near that good!), but are instead inspired by the spirit and art of the movie. the only one that is fairly similar is the butterfly . . couldn't resist. ;) many of the designs were purposely left as sketches . . because they look cool that way, and because I can. :P so, happy early Samhain everyone! and do let me see what you do with these . .. I've had a ball with them myself lately.

:hug: :smooch:

ps: I know the dl is quite large, and I'm so sorry! many of the brushes are quite large (for a better variety of usage) and I just couldn't bear to break the set up! there is a part 2 in the works . . complete with fun coffins. ;)

see more details here: [link]

my standard usage rules apply; please see journal for further details.
*hand-drawn by me (Bethany Lerie) - use but credit! do not claim, alter, or redistribute.

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