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Want to see an incredibly refreshing and original movie? "La La Land" that recently won the Golden Globe awards is definitely worthwhile.

I have never seen such an inspiring film that spoke to me on a personal level, and I highly recommend all aspiring artists, musicians, writers, or anyone with creative endeavors to go watch it.

I'm not even big on musicals, but there's so much to take from this movie because the music aspect wasn't the main point (they sure were catchy though)in the big picture. La La Land is about the fear of one day having to wake up to reality once we think our efforts to achieve our dreams may be in vain. It especially focuses on those who value individuality in their work over being a crowd pleaser. The tension between traditional and new age jazz, worrying about what others think vs. not giving a damn, and the struggle of choosing a steady job that's not in line with your ambitions, or disappointing yourself pursuing what may turn out to be a nothing more than a pipe dream. Stay safe or take risks? This is a film that knows how to execute its concepts to the audience without its plot being riddled with formulaic cliches. While clearly a love letter to the MGM days of classic Hollywood, it's also realistic about the sacrifices it takes for your dream to come true. So why do I find La La Land relatable? Because people say 2D movies are dead and outdated in today's western industry. It's my dream to bring this unforgettable medium back to the big screen. Hand drawn animation will always be timeless to me, and La La Land shows that traditional entertainment do not have to be relics if they are innovative, full of heart, and invigorating.

Bottom line: La La Land sets itself as an example to believe in chances. It takes guts to invest in an expensive production of an original musical in the 21st century. This movie is a spectacle that reignites the long lost magic in cinema for opportunist and skeptics alike.