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I remember watching Fellowship of The Ring in theaters as kid in 2001 and it's about time I drew something for it. I absolutely love Peter Jackson's movie adaption of the series and everything about it still holds up very well! 

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Ahh, Geeez! Lord of the Rings Anime When??

In All seriousness this is a great Piece of an amazingly Tense Scene in the Movies.

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Thank you! An LoTR anime would be AWESOME...!! I've thought about drawing more scenes from the movies in an anime screencap style. There's so many good moments to pick...

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Yeah, so it's a case of where would you even start??

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Hey, it's you! I just happened upon this piece of art, thought "Wow! Nice style! I love the Hobbits here! Wonder who that is!"
Imagine my surprise when I found out!
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Wow, what a coincidence! It's nice to hear from you again! Thank you btw :) I want to draw more LoTR sometime in the future.  
I've occasionally lurked around your gallery from time to time and I love that you do traditional art! I have mad respect for traditional artists especially when artworks of that medium are harder to find these days. The historical warrior subjects you have going on in your gallery are also quite charming. Keep up the great work! 
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Really nice to see this one here too friend! I realyyyy love the painting in this one and use of colors! :wow:
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Ahhhh, these movies are masterpieces! :heart: 

This picture is gorgeous. :D I love their expressions and the mood is just...When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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Thank you! :D That scene was so chilling. Unarmed Hobbits with nothing but a tree to hide them from death looming right above D: So relieved they made it out okay! 
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Oh yes, you don't say. It was so creepy! scared.... 'the 2nd' 
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